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    Stopped at Target to get milk and bought a Vinotemp

    I don't think it's just the temperature control. For the price and capacity, it's kind of hard to beat the Vinotemp in terms of price. Vinotemp - $150 (assuming you get it at a discount, otherwise $199). A few shelves/trays - Assume you go with MtMouse's shelves/trays three of each ($35 x 3 +...
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    Beads, Hygrometers, Lighters...

    I second the recommendation for the Western Caliber III's. I ordered three from Bargin Humidors a few weeks ago. I've since calibrated them using Boveda. All three are spot on at exactly 75% with the Boveda.
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    CBid head scratchers..

    Ok, we all know that people tend to get a bit silly with CBid. But sometimes, I really wonder just what goes through their minds when they make these bids. For example: Ashton VSG Belicoso 5 pack, current bid: $53. Ashton VSG Belicoso 5 from CI: $46.25. Even if you account for the $5...
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    Rocky Patel Decade

    I agree, and thanks for the review. The Decade is probably RP's best blend and the day he discontinues it, I will be a very sad panda. The only "danger" of being knocked for a loop is if he smokes it too fast--been there, done that, because it's so tasty. It's the only cigar I consistently...
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    Oliva Serie O storage

    78% RH?!? Wow, I get all twitchy when I see 70% on my hygrometer given that I live in Mold City USA (aka Seattle area). For the record, my Oliva O's are stored at 64% and thus far, I haven't noticed any degradation in taste/flavor. Of course, I've only been storing them that way for a bit over...
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    SoCal - Western Humidor Caliber III Digital Hygrometer

    Not sure about SoCal, but I got mine from Bargin Humidors back when they had the 25% off sale. They're normally $20 a pop and very much worth every penny. I have three of them, and after calibrating with Boveda, they are off by 0%, 0%, and 0%. I love seeing triple 75% reading in the little...
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    Sabor Cubano Robusto?!?

    Thanks! And based on the reviews on this board about Fullers Pullers, I'm placing an order right now.
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    Sabor Cubano Robusto?!?

    I've wanted to try the Sabor Cubano based on various reviews (all of which were glowing) so I checked out based on the hits from Google. It appears they are actually the makers of this cigar. On their website they have three sizes: Corona Gorda, Grand Corona, and Grand...
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    taboo suggestion

    I haven't tried their limited reserves yet (honestly been too busy lately to do much of anything). But I really, REALLY like the sumatra (mild smoke) and their SOF (more full bodied smoke). Others seem to really like the twist, but I think the SFO is more my taste (not that I would turn down a...
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    Famous Nicaraguan 3000 - back in stock!

    I don't think you can go wrong with buying a bundle of these. I just got them last night and am smoking my first this morning (the torp) with my morning coffee. They can certainly use a bit more time to "rest up" (slight draw issue and slight burn issue, which I attribute to being just a bit...
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    rocky patel vintage 1990

    His is a scale of 5 (given that he describes it as a "great smoke" yet giving it a 3). And I personally perfer a scale with a lower range like his: 1 - Toss it. 2 - Tolerable, but not great. 3 - Very good/near great. 4 - Great! 5 - I'm taking out a new mortgage for these. And I concurr...
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    Your humidor vs B&M's...

    My own. The B&M's I frequent seem to store their cigars with just a bit more humidity than I perfer. I usually buy a few from there and stick them in my humidor for a couple of weeks before smoking them. But they certainly have a bigger collection of Ashton VSGs than I do, so it might be a...
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    Aah Fall Has Arrived

    Well, this year's been a bit odd. We've had a fairly mild summer (I think we only had two or three days in the 90's) and it's been unseasonably warm for the most part (it's still upper 70's today, although it's looking like low 60's/high 50's over the weekend). Generally though, around late...
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    Aah Fall Has Arrived

    Fall in the Seattle area means no sun, almost constant rain and winds until around March. So, no it's not the best season for smoking. :) But the Summers here rock! (We have about 1 week of really uncomfortable heat, around 90+ and then it's mid to high 70's all Summer long).
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    Humidity Question in Vinotemp

    When I accidentally got mine too wet, I used a hair dryer at the lowest setting without any heat. Just took the beads and put them in a large plastic container and gently used the hair dryer over them until they turned all white. Just becareful not to blow them out of the container and all...