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    My First Rocky Patel

    I thought I would stick this link in this thread. :tu
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    Camacho 1962 Robusto

    :tpd: I love the 1962s, but the ones I've had lately have been like smoking straws. Still a great smoke to me! :ss
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    Pic of how I know it's going to be a good day at work

    Well... color me jealous. Looks good! :ss
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    Macanudo 1968 Toro

    I smoked mine last night. It was decent, but underwhelming. I had the issue of keeping the cigar lit, relighting once. The flavors were good, but still on the light side, IMO. I got the 3 pack as well, and will let my other 2 sit for a while...
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    Macanudo 1968 Toro

    Great! I justed picked one out of the humi to try it. I had heard some not-so-good things about them, but now some good things. :tu
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    Perdomo Reserva Cabinet Cameroon

    Don't hog all of 'em. I've checked a few places, and have seen mostly around the same prices, except for one.. at cheaper cigars. I wonder what I should think about that one...
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    ageing the cigars

    As an added bonus, aging cigars serves as a perfect excuse during your descent down the slope. You will soon see...:ss
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    Perdomo Lot 23

    :tpd::tpd: I've been looking to try the 23 as well... sounds like a winner!
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    Do they still make the Diablo line of cigars?

    I really like the Diablos. So much so, that I should've bought a box when they were buy 1 get 1 free. Now that the same deal is back, I may have to pick these up! Thanks for the heads up! edit: from what I've read, this line is not being produced any longer. The boxes Famous has now are it.
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    I can't get into my coolerdor.

    maybe its a mini-coolerdor...:confused: I like cats!
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    Nester Reserve Maduro or El Mejor Espresso

    +1 for El Mejor as a good smoke... got 1 Nestor resting... :ss
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    Fishing trip, and a Padron

    Good to hear the fish had more bite than the Padron! Good times! :tu
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    Rush Limbaugh's cigar philosophy

    I agree with you Chas, and mos things Rush babbles about. Let's keep this fair. "who are you"... He is a tax paying citizen who is entitles to his opinion, although we think it to be a misfortunate one. I support the troops because it is my, and our choice to. If I could pick and choose of from...
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    Comin' atcha 0307 1790 0004 4500 2198

    Comin' atcha 0307 1790 0004 4500 2198
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    Camacho Cigars

    I absolutely love the Corojo Maduro and I really like the 1962. I remember the 1962 being one-sided, but it was a dam good one side. The Corojo Maduro I just remember as being awesome (after it sat a while). I just ordered the 1962 and am looking to get some Corojo Maduros very soon. Good...