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    Good cigars for a cigarette store to sell

    Macanudos would be a solid choice as they are fairly mild and very well known. Drew Estate, CAO, or similar flavored cigars, whatever is cheaper, would also likely do very well in a cigarette shop, especially amongst younger smokers. I'd throw in one of their inexpensive natural lines as well...
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    Cuban vs. the world

    :tpd: Claiming one cigar to be better than another is difficult as we all have different preferences with regard to every aspect from shape to flavor to draw. Further complicating the question at hand (which I understand to be 'does one nation produce cigars superior to another') is the fact...
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    New Orleans - Mayan Import Co.

    Mayan Import Co. 3000 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 504-269-9000 Hours: 10am-8pm/ 7 days a week The most comprehensive cigar retailer in NOLA with a nice lounge, free wireless internet, outdoor seating, and good prices.
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    Humidor Concerns.

    As great as a custom insert would be, it would likely be a bit expensive and the fit might be problematic. Perhaps remove the hydrometer and reinstall it with a bead of silicone where the hydro meets the humidoor. I don't think the silicone would have any negative impact on the flavor or other...
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    Good Online ordering sites for online ordering

    The whole 21 thing isn't an issue at all. Trust me, I put this to the test when starting... Check out for generally good prices and some great samplers for newbs (and those of us who misguidedly think they know what they like) at great prices. for a...
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    Article: Phony Science and Public Policy - Very interesting

    Just a quick observation: the article posted was about second hand smoke. A debate on climate change might be better suited to the "Everything but Cigars" forum or, at a minimum, a thread that actually was intended to deal with the subject. Personally, I am quite interested in the second hand...
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    Don Pepin Garcia JFR (Just For Retailers) Cigar

    The whole idea behind this line (JFR= Just For Retailers) is that you have to go to a physical tobacco shop to purchase them. (EDIT) Somehow, however, of all places managed to get their hands on some and are selling them online. Only come in boxes of 50 or singles. You can find them...
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    Might need to cut down

    :tpd: Thats the approach I've been takeing with my liver and it seems to be working! :al ;) About a year ago I was averaging something like two a day but found it caused some congestion that I don't have to deal with when I smoke more lightly. It was also getting to the point it cost me more...
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    Article: Phony Science and Public Policy - Very interesting

    Great article, thanks for the link! :)
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    Don Pepin Garcia JFR (Just For Retailers) Cigar

    If I remember correctly, I have had two of these and was impressed especially for the price. Tropical produces some cigars with unique flavor profiles that I really enjoy on occassion but most (I think) of their sticks have a double binder which causes burn problems for me. Consider checking out...
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    RP Vintage 90/92 - Worth It?

    :tpd: Very good point. I have maybe 2 RP vintage in my humidor and a handful of ITs. I more often then not reach for the ITs.
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    RP Vintage 90/92 - Worth It?

    Not hardly! Admittedly, I'm not a big fan of RP products personally but when you start approaching $20 US it is nothing but a rip off.
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    Virginia Smoking...

    Exactly the way it should be handled, props to the House of Delegates. :tu :cb
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    I Want My Blackbelt in Cigars! (Sort Of...)

    The Padron Anniversary series is a must try (very surprised no one had mentioned them yet). I also agree that an LFD and JdN should be thrown in the mix. Beyond that... Pepin Garcia products, very important to try and very pleasant: Tatuaje, Padilla Miami 8&11, Don Pepin Blue, Don Pepin Black...
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    62-63% humidity

    The humidity sounds just fine... only way to know for certain if it fits your preference is to store a few sticks in there and smoke them. In any case, the cigars won't be damaged at those levels. :2