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    Ronson Tech Torch (Micro Torch)

    Actually the ronson butane works fine with their torches. It will clog up smaller units every time though.
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    Graycliff Tour (Pictorial)

    I love it when people bump up some of Richards old threads! They are always amazing!!! Enjoyed my 15 minute vacation Richard. ;)
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    Jetlite - What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Also what kind of butane are you using?
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    My first big purchase

    I would drop the 5 Vegas shorty's........ewww.....just not good compared to their big brothers.
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    Has anyone tried the Nub Cameroon 460?

    One of my least favorite Cameroon's. That's all I got. :)
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    cheap beer-soaked whore?

    I prefer hand cuffs actually.
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    Do you smoke in your car?

    I smoked a La Requeza last night on my drive home from meeting with some clients. It's a 90 minute drive and it was the best drive I've taken in a long time!!! :) Kept the windows cracked or down and just kicked it. Good times.
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    XXX style nc sampler

    Greg if you need to unload some more I'm always game. ;) I even have a camera!!!! ;) Enjoy those smokes, some good ones in there I would love to see reviewed.
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    Do you smoke in your car?

    I'm going to try it for the first time today. I have to go meet a client up at Lake Tahoe (about an hour away) and I want to enjoy a smoke on the way back. :)
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    Do you smoke in your car?

    Your car probably has a filter for the AC. I would guess that if you smoke with your AC or with recirculating in the car then the smoke probably get's into the vents and filters they put in the AC system of some cars.
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    Do you smoke in your car?

    I might have to try the dryer sheets trick. :)
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    Do you smoke in your car?

    Just wondering how many people smoke cigars in their cars. If you do then how do you keep the car from smelling to bad? I don't think it's a bad smell but others that don't smoke might. Wondering what works the best. :chk
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    Anyone see any Tatuaje Blacks at there B&M lately

    I have never seen one. I don't know what Dion did with them because I know for sure Pete would have hooked him up with some over at Fumare. You holding out on us Dion? ;) Probably sold out right away I'm sure.
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    SOS: Taboo Twist Won't Light

    Okay I know this is just weird BUT I just had the same problem with my Twist. I just tried to light one up and there is NO way it was going to light! NO joke. No matter what I tried it would not stay lit or burn really. It would just get black and char but would not light up. This is a...
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    DON'T SAY THAT!!!!!! :dr I've never had the old version so it works for me. :tu