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    Help me indentify this Perdomo cigar

    ESV Fresco Lot 23 Champagne
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    Weight, Cigars, Doctors!

    congrats on the weight loss & improvement of your health!-i had high BP & high cholesterol not long ago, the first things the doc said were to quit smoking (cigs/pipe/cigars) & to drink decaf coffee-told her i'd do some checking & get back to her-decaf is worse than sex w/a condom & no way i was...
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    Keeping em lit

    purging : blowing back thru the cigar, w/ or w/o lighting the end 1st-just burns off the tar that builds up as you smoke
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    Oliva "Special S" Review

    just had one this last sat-your review is spot on-i felt like it was more med bodied than full though-a good stick, but for the $ there's those i like better
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    Coolidor and Temperature Control

    the refreezeable blue ice pks work fine for me-i just wrap them in an old tshirt or towel & put 'em in the cooler, switch 'em out in the AM-never had the RH "dry up" personally-the cooler is sealed, doesn't breathe unlike a humi-there's no place for the humidity to go-if condensation forms on...
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    Uh oh?

    good grief, talk about :mn thanks to the guys that know for straightening it out
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    OK I give up on this stupid......

    if your cigars are humidified when you put them in the jar, you shouldn't need any humidification device-the jar should be airtight, not breathe like a normal humi made of wood-if the cigars you put in are from cbid or CI (who notoriously ship wet) then it's no wonder the RH is so high
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    TNT JDN Alt Sorta Review

    good stick for the $-they remind me more of the JdN celeb than the antano
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    ever heard of black pearl

    the black pearl robo is a criollo wrap, med/full, earthy w/a tang to it after 2 yrs rest-they're good fresh too-the standard La Perla Habana is one of the few Indonesian wrapped sticks i like
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    CAO Mx2

    most maduros (especially double maduros) have thick wrappers that hold a lot of moisture-combine that w/the higher RH that most shops keep their humi at & it makes for a hard draw-try dryboxing for a few days or store 'em at a lower RH (65% ish) b4 smoking
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    Trying to quit dipping and only focus on cigars

    i was a part of this group-had a few "slips" in the beginning, but going strong now-a lot of people substitute something for what they're quitting, for me i used cigars & took up pipe smoking-now i use nasal snuff when i can't smoke, works well for me-people say it's just as addicting, but i can...
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    First Nicotine Buzz from a Cigar

    happened to me w/a sancho panza torp when i 1st started smoking cigars-inhaling might have had something to do w/it too-i don't inhale anymore, but haven't found one that'll set me back like that for awhile
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    Am I Really Crazy?

    i did when i 1st started (& still smoked cigs)-a sancho panza torp cured me of that
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    Ceramic Blade Cigar Cutter?

    seems like it would make a good "at home" cutter where there's carpeted floors (i'm clumsy)
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    I feel betrayed, would you?

    i'm a big fan of being honest & up front w/people so i'd sit down & talk w/him when there's not others around-maybe you can come to an agreement w/him, maybe not-never know unless you try