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  • Thanks for the Bumpage on the RG Tool. This is pretty exciting stuff, perhaps mine await me in the mailbox. :D
    Jason, I see you left a message the first of the month. I missed it. And--I'm a bit comfused as to how this new addition to the software works. Anyway, I didn't mean to ignore you. I saw your message when I received a message from FFF. Now, I can't figure out how to get back to the page I got to when I clicked on FFF's message. I feel so dumb!

    Was searching the site for some info and read through a good portion of the Ask the Silverback thread. Never paid attention to all the various icons and numbers attached to all members and now understand what RG is a all about, which led me to check mine where I found your and a few other RG bumps for me. Thank you and yes, an interesting concept.

    On the soccer front, I am a huge fan of EPL and ManU, but I am still a realist in life, hopefully I didn't ruffle any feathers with my posts since my arrival here (on soccer and other subjects).

    One thing I was searching for, though, and which I have so far been unable to find, is the term "purge". Admittedly, I started smoking back in mid 90s and back then everything, from cigar review terminology to storage, was very different, thus "coming back into cigar world now" I am trying to catch up to the "modern" ways of things (even though I may not agree with a number of things posted, based on my own experience). So, what is "purging" when coming across a cigar with burn problems?



    Thanks for the bump!

    My youngest girl was down in the dumps because her dingbat mother-in-law and the M-I-L's mother decided to visit for a week or so. Kristy is very busy (she buys women's clothes for a 65 store business), they live in a small house and all the in-laws do is bitch and run other family members down. Kristy assumes they talk about her the same way. Kristy is a sweetheart. Her favortie saying, "mean people suck."

    Anyway, I always seem to be able to make my daughter's laugh and I thought the dancing chicken would work!!

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