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    Need To Circle The Wagons for Silverfox!

    Just got a text from Fox that he's been admitted to the hospital. His pulsox is low. More details when I get them. I would just like to ask that you include Shawn and his family in your thoughts and prayers until he gets back to the jungle. Send him a PM telling him enough of this :BS and get...
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    Positive Karma For My Son Please

    Well, Jr. skates for the first time in front of his college coach tonight at 7. Please do whatever it is you do to send some positive energy his way. He has been working his a$$ off for the past 15 years for this shot. Thank you in advance. Al
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    You Never Know

    The receptionist at my wifes work died today (mid 50's). She was on vacation, made one call for help and just collapsed in the ocean. Gone, just like that. No known illness just, gone. So make sure with the people that you love, you give them a hug and tell them that you love them. You might...
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    Harsh / Bitter Taste and AfterTaste

    I'm sure I will get hammered on asking the following but I'm gonna ask anyway. Would like some input on why some cigars have a harsh or sharp taste that drys out my mouth. I have found this with most NC's and very, very few CC's. Obviously it's me because so many guys love the NC's. Can it be...
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    The Al (ahc4353) Rating System

    Well, I have accepted the fact that I will never have the ability (or maybe the desire) to review cigars like the Klugs, Poker, Silverfox, Pnoon, Chibnkr, Vstromark, Raisins etc etc of the world. I wish I could but I have to face the facts and just admit that I'm not capable of it. Trying to...
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    This is a description from the Devil site on some smokes I bought. "These cigars come from the Davidoff of Geneva factory in the Dominican Republic. Often popularly refered to as "Davidoff seconds," Private Stock cigars are actually handmade with top ungraded tobaccos, including Connecticut...
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    Wooden Matches Wanted

    As some of you may I have read I prefer to light my cigars with wooden matches. I also want to start to save the boxes for some future match box project. Not sure yet what that is but I'm sure I will come up with something. So here is where you folks come in. If you have a box or two lying...
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    Nub Debate

    Is it on going or did it get nubbed out? Al
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    I want ideas

    for a end table type humidor. My brother-in-law loves to build stuff and is very good at it. I ask him if he would build me a humidor and he agreed. So what I need from you guys is a wish list of what it should include. Things you have found that would be nice to have in a humi. For example, I...
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    BOTL Strength Needed

    Looking for my fellow BOTL to bring some positive energy to my house. Things are very rough around here and have been for a while. Not my style to ask for help with anything but it's to a point that I must. My wife happened to get into the real estate market the year it crash here in NJ (about 3...
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    The Worst Cigar I Ever Had

    I just had the most godawful cigar of my life. I was going to go pick up my son at school so I took a look in the humi and found a small cigar that would be perfect for the amount of time I had for the ride to the school. About three inches long tapered on both ends and about 46-48 RG in the...
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    Any Discussion About A Troop Adoption?

    Searched but did not find anything on this. Could we set up a Troop Adoption Program? The guys that are in contact with the troops already could hook up a CS member that wants to adopt with a soldier that wants to be adopted. It would be a cigar version of a pen pal. Emails/photos could be...
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    Sounds "just wrong" but isn't

    Post all comments or thread titles that sound "just wrong". For example the #1 in my book is chibnkr blows me... That one makes me almost pi$$ my paints every time I see it. or how about Shilala Scratched My Itch!! :r:r I have seen others that I will find and post but I...
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    Is this a sign of a problem?

    I have this friend that might have a problem. If you take your phone with you to the shi*er to keep up on CS threads do you have a problem? Not sayin I have ever done it mind you. I'm just askin for my friend. Al
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    I think I got a deal on the Devil site

    I went to the Devil site and got a 5er of Zino Platinum Scepter Series Stout's. Two things I want to accomplish with this thread. 1) I want to brag about a great deal I got on the Devil site.:) And 2) I want to see how different NJ prices are to the rest of the world. I think we are very...
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    Icehog push's it to only 20 tickets left!!

    See link below.
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    Only 63 Raffle Tickets Left - Way to go!!!!!

    Keep it going. If one of your friends is not in this yet send him/her a PM and ask them to join the cause. All the best, Al
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    Biggest Impact of My Smoking Enjoyment Ever

    I read a thread by Da Klugs (click here to see thread) that has changed the way I smoke and the enjoyment of smoking for me forever. I have been sick so I haven't had the desire to burn a stick. However last night I was feeling better and it was a little warmer than it has been so lately so I...
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    Devil Site's Brother?

    I'm beginning to think that cheaphumidorsdotcom is the devil sites twin. I'm just checking out the scratch and dents (why I don't know) and I come across my humidors big brother, (300 count) $149.00. They even have a non scratch and dent model for $170 or make an offer. Anyway end table style, I...
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    Favor Needed

    The generosity show on this board to me and others is like nothing I have ever seen before in my life, anywhere, period. People sending things like Vinotemps, flowers, 20-30 men bombing runs and cigars lots and lots of cigars. Yet we seem to be having a hard time with this most worthy cause...