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    Cozy's Blind Tasting

    So Craig(Cozy) wanted my opinion on some smokes, so I agreed if he would send them unbanded. Yesterday an assortment of smokes arrived in a wide variety of sizes and wrappers. Tonight I smoked #8 Approximately 5x52/54 Belicoso. Well constructed, no soft spots or large veins. Prelight draw was a...
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    Azon Cigars-A pleasant surprise

    Received one of these as a freebie from Michael at Azon Liquors. Its been resting in the Vino at 65/65 for about a month now. Decided now was the time to give this one a shot. Sorry, no pic's as I wanted to give this one my full attention. Size-5x50 Robusto Wrapper-Ecuadorian Shade grown Conni...
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    Habana Leon-Mini

    Just finished a Habana Leon toro, one of the strongest sticks I have ever smoked. How strong? Litto strong!:tu By far the strongest of the Pepin blends I have had. This is a CigarKing/Phatash exclusive purchased in a sampler about 6 months ago. The bit of age has smoothed out any of the Pepin...
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    Looks like Shaggy needs some help in the NST

    OK guys, It looks like Shaggy needs some help clearing his waiting list in the NST. Tons of newbies to show what CS is all about. Hoping some Gorilla's will step back into the NST for a round or two to help him out. :tu Trades In Progress donniew---shaggy BigAl SC---massphatness...
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    CFO Gold Foot #7

    Its been a while since I've done a review so I thought I would break one of these out tonight. Many of you cheap smoke smokers may have put these to sleep due to the wetness and ammonia taste they had when first released last fall. THEY ARE READY! MFG-The Cigar Factory Outlet(
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    Like ligero? Try the Graffiti Liga2

    If you like the kick of a ligero stick. Try this one out from Habano wrapper, Nic fillers. More ligero than the regular Graffiti and a much smoother smoke. They dont have the pepperiness of a Pepin, more like a Litto blend. I have only had the PC size, but for a short 30-45...
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    jjefrey builds his 1000th home!

    Well almost. Congrats my friend on hitting 1k RG! A well deserved milestone for the new keeper of the 5finger bags!:tu:chk:chk:chk:chk
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    CFO Barb's Box Pressed Toro

    A little while back Firridge sent me a fiver of these smokes for me to try. This afternoon I decided to fire one up. Thanks James for the tasty smoke! The stick came banded with a "Quadrado" band. So a quick Google and I came up with this: From the...
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    Little Havana Overruns are Back!

    Back in stock at Holts. One size(Torp), $44.99/20. :tu
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    Great buy on Cigars for the Troops

    I found this today while searching for Flavored smokes to send to the troops. I dont know about the quality, but I know these guys have really been asking for flavored stuff like Acids. So I thought I would pass this along...
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    28 Bottle Vinotemp On Sale

    Just an fyi for anyone who has been thinking about a Vinotemp. These are now available at Target for $149.99. I dont know if this is the new regular price or a sale. :tu
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    Palio cleaning tip

    Tonight when doing my bi-weekly Palio cleaning I discovered something that I had not seen before and thought I would share for the one or two BOTL's that own one. I use a q-tip and alcohol to clean the blade and tracks. Works like a charm. But tonight when I was finished I noticed a tiny speck...
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    CFO Perfecto Maduro-Mini Review

    This had to be one of the strangest smokes I have ever had. I received it as an extra with my first wheel of the Blend #7. One thing I have found with the Blend #7 is that you really have to endure the first third before the stick...
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    Litto Gomez Diez Cubano

    OK, lets take a shot at this one. Litto Gomez Diez Cubano. Size-Robusto 5x50 Blend-Domincan Puro Drink-Water Construction-Beautiful triple cap, single medium vein, nice dark caramel colored wrapper. Solid as a rock! You could use this to hammer nails! Pre-light draw was a little tight with...
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    JJ Maduro Lancero

    Not really a review as much as a commentary. I didnt think ahead to have my camera at hand.:confused: Had one of these tonite from the Lancero Sampler. A really great smoke, quite different from the other JJ's I have had. The flavors seemed much more focused(as is often the case with lanceros)...
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    Tatuaje Gran Conjonu

    I have not seen any reviews on this stick. Anyone tried one?:ss
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    Ratters takes down 100 Camacho lots on Cbid!

    Well maybe he's not quite that crazy, but if the price were right!:ss Congrats on 100RG Steve!:tu
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    Attention Fuente Whores! They're not Hemingway's or OpusX's but for less than $2 a smoke these are mighty tasty!:tu
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    Clear Havanas-Robt Burns Panatela

    Well I finally broke down and smoked one of these tonight after letting them rest for about a month. No pic's sorry, need batteries for cam.:confused: So I will make this a mini review. Beautiful yellow cellophane, nice medium brown wrapper. Love the old school wrap with a little hole on the...
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    Holiday Noob Extravaganza Pics!!!

    Today I received the second prize for the Noob Extravanza contest. I am so overwhelmed at the generosity shown by this community, it is truly amazing. I was like a little kid on Christmas morning tearing open the boxes and opening one bag after another! :ss The Montecristo Afrique Humidor is...