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    Hmmm I may have found The One.....

    As some of you know I had a nice date with a lady last weekend...we have been together quite a bit this week. The chemistry seems perfect. Soooo we get to the subject of my cigar smoking. I told her I smoke cigars. She said that isn't good for you. She works in the medical profession....I...
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    Cigar Linguistics

    It came to my attention during the cyber herf last night that Darrell is proficient in the pronunciation of cigar brand names (marca) and their various sizes (vitolas). So if you are unsure of how to pronounce ohhhhhh Anejo (it is "Uhh-Nay-Ho" not "Uh-nee-joe") and Opus X (it is "oh-pus eks"...
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    Now that was a good time!!

    Went to the Red Sox-Yankees game last night at Fenway and my team won which is always nice when I am there in person. Was standing outside Fenway smoking an 02 LGC #4 with my buddy before the game. Game was delayed an hour due to anticipated bad weather so we had plenty of time to hang out on...
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    My ideal morning smoke

    After trying a few cigars for a morning smoke I have decided that the Taboo African Cameroon is my perfect morning smoke. What a great tasty mild smoke to start off the day. Combine that with a cup of coffee, vacation day, no homework to worry about, the Red Sox in first place, and life is...
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    This will make a nice ashtray

    So my brother and sister send me one of those edible arrangements for my birthday. I open it, look at the fruit and think wow this looks great. Then my eyes wander to the "vase" and my first thought is. WOW!! that will make a great ashtray!!! Now I just have to figure out how to get some...
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    How to Do Your Homework

    You have been studying for 4 hours straight. Poking sharp pencils in your ears is no longer keeping you alert! There has to be a better way to study!!! Finally there is! Introducing the gnukfu Study System (gSS) - there is no guarantee you will study better but you will be much happier...
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    Marcus Daniel 1994 Sun Grown - Pics

    I flew across country and picked this up at Bidwell Cigar in Chico, CA – just kidding! I got this cigar in a trade with tzaddi (Richard). Richard provided me with a selection of great cigars, a few I had never heard of like this one. It is a “house brand” at Bidwell; their top of the line...
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    New Desktop Humi

    I got a great deal on this humi from smokeyscotch (Tim). Tim saw this on sale at TJ Maxx and grabbed it figuring one of us would like it. It is an absolutely gorgeous desktop and built like a tank. The walls on this thing are thick! Thanks for the great deal Tim. Sorry for the crappy...
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    La Aurora 1495 Cameroon 1994

    Figured I would review these since I did not see a review for them. Picked up a box of these on cbid (took a chance and picked up a box (10 per box) for $50. They have a Cameroon wrapper from 1994 and only 2,000 boxes were made since that was all they could make with the 1994 wrapper. They...
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    Is this guy insane?

    I wonder if he realizes he bid $35.00 each for 4 of these CAO Visions?
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    Happy 80th to My Dad

    My Dad would have been 80 years old today. He died when he was 49 (way too young). I never got a chance to really know him because I was a rebellious teenager in the 70's. I always looked up to him, however, but never told him because I was too "cool". He was in the Air Force, then worked...
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    I need a recommendation

    I just smoked a Diamond Crown Maximus #4 (Toro) that was absolutely delicious. I got a fiver of these for a decent price ($45) off cbid but they are quite pricey. Does anyone have a recommendation of a cigar with a similar flavor profile that is less expensive. Thanks George
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    Thanks Eternal Rider!

    I posted Monday on WTB that I wanted to buy some bags. Eternal Rider sends me a PM asking for my address and today (2 days later) I receive a box of bags, one of the bags full! Thanks Harland - you're a great BOTL! :tu
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    Carlos Torano 1916 Cameroon Robusto

    Let me preface this with the fact that I have only been smoking cigars for 6 months so my experience level is pretty low. I bought this cigar after looking at the newb FAQ's that directed me to Top25Cigar and it's listing of top cigars under $6.00. I got these for just $2.50 each on cigarbid...