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    Found a new everyday cigar:

    If you like those try the Rocky Patel Juniors Maduro's. Famous runs sales all the time and they can be had for about 30 bucks or less for 40 of them. They are small, Short Panatela (4 x 38) but make a great quick smoke. I keep a few with me at work all the time. Chas
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    19 Short years - RIP Young Man

    Services today :( Brakes my heart to see so much pain. Tomorrow we take my daughter back to school. We told her maybe she should take some more time off and I got "the look" and "Right, and do what?". Thank you all for the comments, thoughts and prayers. Chuck
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    19 Short years - RIP Young Man

    Thank you all, it was an up and down day to say the least. One minute your laughing and the next crying. The next few days will be a roller coaster ride for my daughter because at her age she has never been faced with the loss of a loved one. Unfortunately as I grow older I have been in her...
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    19 Short years - RIP Young Man

    This morning started out as a great Sunday. I woke up early to find out last night I won the CS lottery pool in our group, the weather was perfect for working in the garage and the coffee was brewing when I woke up. After a few hours in the garage with the smell of wood chips and coffee my wife...
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    PLEASE READ - Your RG Tool Is Inaccurate

    :tu Thanks for reminding me, Another ticket just purchased. Another one or two spread out between now and the end to spread out my chances :D Chas
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    50 States Pass plea for help

    While I was away from the computer I already had someone sign up for Idaho. If it falls through I will take one of you up on the offer. Thank you both for offering. Would you like to adopt another state? Works for me :tu I already have your address so I will work you into the line up...
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    50 States Pass plea for help

    PM Replied to, Thanks for helping :tu Done, Thanks for helping :tu Please PM me your shipping information and I will find a place in the order for you. :bl Only 11 to go :bl States still left: Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota South Dakota, West...
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    50 States Pass plea for help

    Update: Alaska has been taken :tu States Remaining: Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii (pending), Idaho Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota Oklahoma, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming 13 to go :tu Thanks, Chas
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    50 States Pass plea for help

    Saturday morning bump. I have also had a few questions about the donation cigar. As we near the end I know its getting harder to find a cigar to add that someone has not already added so If you have a cigar you want to add that someone has already added but its a different size, that will be...
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    50 States Pass plea for help

    Update: New Hampshire has been taken :tu States Remaining: Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii (pending), Idaho Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota Oklahoma, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming Thanks, Chas
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    50 States Pass plea for help

    I am posting this plea for help here hoping that I can reach some members who may not frequent the cigars on the move section. Back in May I started a box pass with the intention to pass it to every state in the union. All the cigars left over from the pass are going directly to the troops...
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    The Devil Site jumped teh Shark

    I'm with ya on the DVD's, but hey whats wrong with peanuts and cigars ? :D Chas
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    HELP!!! poll: vinotemp, humidor or other??? what should i buy next?

    Have the best of both worlds, buy the vinotemp and put a few nice lacquered drawers in it to dress it up :D ~ End of shameless plug ~ Chas
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    Looking for a couple (specific) empty boxes - need help...

    I picked this one up today if you are still looking for it. Let me know and its yours. I waited to ship your cigars until I hear from you so I can ship them all together. Total cost for you $0.00 Chas
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    Famous Nicaraguan 3000 - back in stock!

    :tu Anyone interested please check here: ( Link ) Chas
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    opus question

    You sure it wasn't one of these? I hear they have the same effect :D Chas
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    Look what I got for 50 cents today!

    PM me your address and the dimensions of the shelf's. Next weekend I will be cutting a ton of Spanish Cedar and will more than likely have some cut offs that are too small for what I am doing but should be more than big enough for you. I will even slot them for you so the air can flow from top...
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    Opus is in..

    I have a Tupperware box In one of the vinos that I put stuff in when I buy it before I get a chance to label everything and place them where they belong. All week I was stopping in and out of 2 local shops buying a few here and a few there and just put them in there. I decided this morning to...
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    Why I support the troops.

    I know exactly what your saying :tu "Every good citizen makes his country's honor his own, and cherishes it not only as precious but as sacred. He is willing to risk his life in its defense and is conscious that he gains protection while he gives it." Andrew Jackson quotes (American 7th US...
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    Opus is in..

    The pipe rack in Akron Ohio. Manchester road. Nothing online just walk in. Chas