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    Cooler of choice for a coolerdor?

    fellow G's, I am tired of battling heat/humidity issues with my 4 humidors. Seems that I need more insulation and better sealing have to go the coolerdor route. Hey, more storage for me without breaking the bank. Main question here is which brands do you prefer in respect to SEALING TIGHT...
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    Some good vibes for Shilala

    Scott is struggling with his back. I believe he has surgery coming up. He's a great Gorilla, as generous as they come, and can use your prayers and good thoughts for him and his family right now. Get well soon bro. Aloha! Dem
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    CI free shipping code?

    anyone know the new one that works? Cheers! :tu
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    Anone smoke these cigars recently? recommendations.

    Feel I have come full circle in the cigar hobby. Fast too! Started with cheap NC's, got better NC's, made it to Habanos, and now... all I want is a flavorful, smooth smoke that won't break the bank. Something that burns for an hour or a bit more. $3-$7 is fine (I'd much rather pay for better...
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    which beads SUCK moisture OUT the fastest?

    My humi's are all soaking right now. 65% heartfelt beads are pretty much bone dry white! in there but it's still taking days, and the RH is not coming down. Just wondering if Shilala's beads are able to absorb moisture any faster. Any thoughts on how to dry the humi out except throwing it on...
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    Experiance with the Bally Rosewood humi at Devil site?

    Wondering if anyone has had experience with these? heard great things about price paid for quality and size. thanks
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    Advice on how to lower heat level in humidor with No air cond. at home.

    So there it is. The culprit. HEAT. Average temp here is sunny 80-90 degree days, hot as hell here in hawaii right now. (pretty nice beach days however and some sweet surf as well. ) MY humi is just not hitting numbers below below 72%-74% RH you guys. IT's got super DRY 65% beads and it's...
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    A Mysterious Humidity situation.

    I have a 200 count Estate Heritage Humidor and It most definitely has some air exchange going on. It shuts fairly well, was patiently seasoned, has a calibrated hyrgo, analog and digital, has 1/2 pounds of 65% RH beads in it and about 100 sticks. Here is the situation you could help me...
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    Purging - Catch 22

    When I purge a stogie, towards the beginning, or towards the end, it goes out in a minute or two afterwards. It's obviously because my breath has moisture when I blow thru the cigar gently, while lighting the end to watch the fireworks. gotta purge right? yet when I do, the cigar starts...
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    Smokes more complex/tasty and flavorful than RP vintage line?

    In my short time as a smoker, I tried SPDM's, GR #5 Corojo, JDN Antono, PAM alts, Pedromos, etc and of course RP 90/92 seconds. NO Pepins yet. Black labels are in the mail. I am amazed at the complexity of the RP Vintage line, and how the cigar develops over time. A little purging is...
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    Humidor roller coaster ride. Just won't stabilize.

    I won a 200 count Heritage Estate humi from Devil's site, used an open tupperware container filled half way with slightly warm distilled water, threw in 65% beads, and let it sit for about 2 weeks. It never got under 70%. I live in nearly 100 % humidity, in the tropics of Hawai'i a...
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    Big Island of Hawai'i Herf?

    Any botl's / sotl's here on the Big Island or neighboring islands? Would love to plan a herf. Rarely see cigar smokers here on the East side of the Isle. aloha!
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    The Lonnnnnnng wait for the initial collection to arrive...

    I already need a support group for 3 things in my short time as a smoker. Waiting for stogies; living life normally while they are in transit, and not thinking "wonder if they came today" Smoking slower, some sticks are like candy. Not checking Devil's site daily for Quick-ies and...
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    Ultimate & best stogies $1-$3 can buy. Calling the pro's to help all newbies.

    Firstly, Thanks for having me here, feels good to discuss my "tobacco habit" with others like myself. On behalf of all Noob's I ask this forum’s ashtray filling expertise to inform us of your precious and affordable gems! After months of research of absorbing stogie reviews and...