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    Question about shipping lighters

    I was able to pick up a nice Dupont lighter at an authorized dealer at the Korea duty-free shop and brought it with me to Russia... Question: If shipping a lighter (via DHL or UPS from Russia), do they scan packages to detect hazardous materials?? I"m not sure whether it's riskier to...
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    Habanos Puros H-2000 Torpedo

    I had this cigar thanks to a contest winning from SeanGar many months ago. It's been sitting there and I finally decided to smoke it. The cigar is very oily and well-constructed... if the band wasn't on there and I knew the price, it would have fulled me for a premium stick. After clipping I...
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    Puros Indios Especial #2 Natural

    Wow. I was very impressed by this cigar after smoking 3. Somewhat complex, great flavor, good construction all for less than $1 a stick. I purchased a 5-er from CBID and they came with a very yellow cellophane. As far as flavor, it had a wood flavor for the first 1/3 or so and then...
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    Camacho Coyolar Rothschild

    Had this cigar tonight and was very dissapointed. The cigar had a very nice appearance, but after clipping and lighting, found that it was not well constructed. The cap started to unravel, a piece of the wrapper fell off and the binder/wrapper had a hard time staying lit the entire smoke...
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    Punch Grand Cru

    This was gifted to me by Cabo up in Austin. Thanks again I really enjoyed this smoke. Had a great flavor to it and toward the middle it shifted to a very evident black coffee finish. The construction was solid. Very thick wrapper, tightly wrapped and a decent draw that was a tad on the tight...
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    Cuesta Rey Centro Fino Sungrown Pyramid #9

    Today was cold for us Houstonians (51) so I half-opened my garage, pointed my fan outside and lit up this cigar, which has been in my humidor over 4 months. Appearance was very nice. Silky, smooth, very few veins. The first inch had a great, creamy flavor with a pleasant finish that faded...
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    Monte Carlo Robusto

    I was very impressed with this cigar. My B&M really praised this cigar, so I bought, not thinking much. I've had it in my humi for nearly 3 months without much temptation to smoke it until curiosity got me tonight. The cigar feels solid in the hands. Nice, silky wrapper, good construction...
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    La Flor Dominicana L400 Oscuro

    I've tried every cigar now in the Oscuro Ligero line and must say this is 2nd best. It started off rather bland and earthy, but developed some creaminess and a touch of pepper. The finish was very short and dry, which makes me spit a lot and take continuous sips of whatever I'm drinking. In...
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    Perdomo Reserve Champagne "P"

    This is the petit corona size cigar, which does not seem to be on many sites including top25. This cigar looks great. Yellow cello and a nice band with a smooth, pale wrapper. Cigar lit well and burned dead even all the way through and left a very dark ash. Perfect draw. It started off...
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    Olivia O Classic Ole

    Nicaraguan puros have been getting a lot of attention from me recently. I've enjoyed Flor de Olivias so expected nothing less with this stick. The wrapper and construction are beautiful. Nice sheen, very smooth with a nice wrapper color. Clipped very well. The cigar burned dead even all...
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    Nicaraguan Cigars?

    I've discovered I love Nicaraguan tobacco flavors. Aside from Padron, Flor de Olivia and CAO, which I love, can anyone tell me other Nicaraguan brands that are great? Maybe cigars in which the wrapper, binder, filler etc are all Nicaraguan or the majority.
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    Padron Delicias Maduro

    I think I may have found another value smoke. This cigar was great. Minimal veins, solid construction. Smoke beautifully with a very even burn, perfect draw and lots of smoke. Had a very gray ash... almost looked like the ash of some Cubans I've had. It had a coffee flavor throughout and a...
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    Monte Carlo Cigars

    Anyone heard of these? I saw them at my shop and picked up the Robusto b/c the manager recommended it as a good medium to full smoke. Haven't had the chance to light it up, but wanted to see if anyone has tried it yet.
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    New perspective on cigar purchasing

    Last night I was out for dinner and decided to come home to have a cigar instead of going out because I just wanted to relax. When I go out on Friday or Saturday nights, I can easily spend about $40 on drinks, coffee or whatnot. The past few months, however, I have been staying in more to cook...
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    Flor de Olivia Natural

    This was my "go-to" as a newbie. Decided to have one tonight and found that just a few months of age on them really develops the flavors. Even after experiencing a ton of smokes since I last smoked this, it was still very enjoyable. Appearance was okay... minimal veins but mediocre wrapping...
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    Girlfriends/wives concern

    My girlfriend is "okay" with my smoking but brought this link to my attention just now.. mainly since I've been enjoying one everyday the past month or so. But notice how it assumes you inhale and it also says "The health risk associated with occasional cigar smoking (less than daily) is not...
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    La Vieja Habana Early Years Silencio

    I know I said I would take a smoking break, but hopefully after tonight. I wanted so badly to try this smoke b/c it was short. Won in SeanGAR's contest last week. What a nice little smoke! I'm into the Nicaraguan tobacco profile so I enjoyed it very much. I was even more impressed that I...
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    Ever have bad smoking days?

    Here's the situation: I've been smoking a lot more these days (about 1x day the past 3 weeks). Today and yesterday I noticed that my smokes tasted weird.. and these were smokes that were sitting longer in my wine-cooler than the others I've been smoking the past 3 weeks, which I took out of...
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    Opus X Question

    I never seem to see these sold anywhere in stores or online. Are they dis-continued cigars and/or very rare? How do you obtain them?
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    Flor de Olivia Maduro

    I usually smoke the naturals because I buy them by the bundle. (Only $25 on smokeall). I've wondered many people prefer the Maduros and why they were more expensive, so I picked one up for $2. I must say I prefer the natural as an everyday smoke over the Maduro. This one was smooth, but very...