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    Police Officer Test Thoughts and Prayers

    Hey Gorillas, please keep me in you thoughts and prayers this weekend. i am taking the Police Officers physical entrance exam this Saturday. I have already passed the written examination. I have been training for the test for 4 months now. Pray that i am free from injury on Saturday. I tore...
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    Taboo Cigars

    I am thinking about purchasing some Taboo cigars. What ones would you guys recommend. I have never had any. Thanks
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    i am working on my coolidor. Is it necessary to put cigars boxes in the cooler or can i just put the cigars in by theirself? Thanks for any help you might give!
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    Cuban Cigars

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    Lighter Reviews

    Anyone tried this lighter? The guy that works at my B&M loves them. I might go pick one up this afternoon.
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    I just purchased a Palio Cutter

    I just purchased a Palio Cutter. After all of the comments about the quality and cut of the cutter i decided to pull the trigger. I cannot wait until it arrives at my house. I am like a kid the night before christmas. :chk:chk:chk
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    Are these cutters any good?
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    Cigar Artwork

    Does anyone know of any Cigar artwork (painting, pictures, famous cigar artwork)?
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    Entertaining Cigar Video
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    Coffee, Cream, and Cocco Flavors

    I am very new to cigars but very excited about my new hobby. Could some fellow gorillas recommend a cigar that has hints of coffee, coco, chocolate, cream? It seems that every cigar i have tried has a heavy hint of spice. I would like to experiance all of the flavors that cigars have to offer...
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    Xikar Executive Lighter

    I am considering purchasing a Xikar Executive lighter. I have used matches all of my short life. This will be my first lighter purchase. A few questions: when this lighter runs out of fuel do you have to purchase a new lighter or can you refill the fuel? Does anyone have any experiance...
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    I am in the market for a cigar lighter. I am looking for a very durable and dependable lighter. Any suggestions or lighter favorites out there?
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    Great Weekend For a Smoke Review

    This is my first Cigar review so bear with me. Oliva Serie 'V' It was a beautiful day for a smoke so I went to a new B&M in the area. This B&M is in a great location. The service was good except for the fact that they did not have any complementary matches. You had to purchase their...
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    New Palio Cutter Design

    There is word of a new Palio cutter design. Has anyone else heard of this? If so, any details or when it will come out. One design that i would like to see is maybe an American flag one (supporting our troops). :ss
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    Panama City, Florida

    Anybody from PC, Florida. I am going on vacation the end of May and am wondering if there are any good cigar shops down there.
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    How to Bomb a fellow Gorilla

    I am new to the forum and feel the urge to "bomb" one of my fellow Gorillas. I like the atmosphere that resonates from this message board. I know some of you might have the thought of since I am new who am i going to send the stogies to. The reason why I am doing this is that I feel this...
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    76 Degrees

    Yesterday it was 76 degrees in my neck of the woods. Perfect weather for a smoke. My wife works on the weekends(nurse) so there would be no distractions. The only problem was that i did not have any smokes. Next weekend i will be prepared. Just thought i would share..
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    Palio Warranty

    I have a simple question that i hope someone can answer. I live in Alabama and there is not a dealer in the state that sells Palio cutters. On Palio's website the say that if there is ever a problem with their product simply take it to whoever sells Palio and they will exchange it for a new...
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    Palio vs Xikar

    Title explains it all. Which one is the better cutter? I like the Xikar better