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    Gulf Coast Hurricane Victims

    Everyone keep these people close in your hearts and prayers!
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    CRA Evening

    Did any of the BOTL in the Twin Cities make it to the CRA event at r Normans last night? I had clients in town and had to pass but it sure sounded like it would be fun.
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    Rocky Patel Decade Robusto

    I just tossed what was left of a RP Decade Robusto over the deck railing for the raccoons to finish off. It was probably one of the prettiest cigars I have ever smoked. The wrapper was absolutely flawless with no veins or spots, and perfect color. The pre-light aroma was earthy with some hint...
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    Tampa Update

    I should have mentioned this sooner but last week I was in Tampa and made my required visit to the Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City. Before lunch I stopped in at the Metropolitan Cigar Store, a half block away from the Columbia and they had a great assortment of Illusione, Tats and other hard...
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    TSA and Cigars

    I just got back from a trip that involved two flights on our local airlines, Northworst. My issue however is with the TSA. I packed a selection of smokes in a cigar box, wrapping each cigar in tissue to help preserve the wrapper and insuring that they didn't get too beat up. Upon arrival at...
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    New Havana Cigars Report

    I got an email last night from and it contained an interesting article on the owner's trip to Nicaragua tot eh Tabacalera Cubana factory and hanging out with Pete Johnson, Don Pepin Garcia and the like. Check it out at
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    Ybor City, FL

    I will be in Florida in a few weeks and will make a trip to Ybor City for some gazpacho at the Columbia. Does anyone have any insights into the local cigar makers there? :ss