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    What makes you want particular cigar?

    I am Watching "Walk the Line" again and watching Reece Witherspoon sing in this movie makes me want a San Cristobal. Both are just perfect. Has anything made you want a particular cigar?
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    my little brother.

    My little brother has been in poor health for about 11 or 12 years. He is 37 years old and over these 11 or so years he has been dealing with open sore over his entire body. His skin is now purple. 2 years ago the sores cleared up and be began to have back pain. The doctors found and removed a...
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    601 kicked my butt

    I remember reading somewhere that real men dont smoke small cigars. I have to say that they dont have a clue about cigars. I have been a fan of the robusto, toro and the occational presidente, and I just had my butt kicked by a 601 reserva limitada (green) maduro 5 x 42 corona. Took me about an...
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    J. Donovan Leigh LTD Trifecta

    I got this one in error. It was mixed in a box of Torano exodus and I did not notice when I grabbed a few of them. When I removed the cello, It was very much like oily leather and very attractive. i could not wait to dive in. Pre light draw was easy and pleasing. toasting and lighting was...
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    Smoking at 90+ humidity

    I was outside trying to have a smoke but it was hard to keep lit and the draw was a bit tough. I thought my cigar was gonna start dripping with sweat. The stick came out of a 63% humi so I new it was not too high in there. I took my hygrometer outside with me and watched it climb to 90% then...
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    ash or no ash?

    Do you find that keeping the ash on as long as you can enhances the flavor? I noticed that just after I knock the ash off, the flavor changes slighty. personaly, I like to keep as much ash as possible.
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    I got a Trilogy yesterday by mistake when I picked up a few Torano exodus box pressed. It was in the wrong box and looked just like theTorano. Is it as good as the Torano? I thought I would ask before I smoke it.
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    Can it get any better for the price?

    Today I had a Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Maduro box pressed robusto. I picked a couple up alog with a couple Sancho Panza Maduro robusto today at a novelty shop that has a walk in humi. Man, that Torano was good. Does it get any better for the price? I do not have enough experience to...
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    I have been smoking cigarettes for about 30 years. Since I have picked up cigars, I have not been able to put down the cigs. Work is the main hinderance for me. I dont get much time to smoke and usually end up smoking only half of a cigarette and head back to the busy day. The only time I get to...
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    Perdomo recomendations?

    I'm going to a Pedome Tasting tomorrow. This is my fisrt tasting event and I have never had a Perdomo. Any recomendations or just try them all?
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    Time warp

    I just noticed that for the Hour that Americam Idol was on this forum lost about 40 viewers. I'm sure that all will say that they went to have a smoke while their wife and kids watched it. That's my excuse anyway.
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    I must have a some kind of phobia

    I don't know if any of you have had this problem but when deciding what to smoke, I look at my stash and want to smoke the really good ones but end up sparking one of the discounts. I dont know if I am afraid to commit to the good ones or if I will be disappointed that I no longer have that one...
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    Dont smoke and drive!

    Today at lunch I stopped by the B&M to get a couple of sticks. walking back and forth for a while the guy told me that they just got in these Olivero Classics. I asked what he thought of it. He told me that he had not tried one yet but the boss whas smoking one right now. That was good enoigh...