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    Victor Sinclair Corojo Extreme Flight

    I was browsing the Devil Site this morning, and came across these: Victor Sinclair Corojo Extreme Flight 12-cigar sampler I like a good Corojo, and I'm intrigued by the shape. Has anyone tried these? Are they worth putting a bid on...
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    I need a smoke

    I don't want to bitch and moan, but I'm going to anyway. A few weeks ago I came down with strep, then immediately thereafter I cought a bad chest cold.Then, two weeks ago my wife cracks up the new car, I get "restructured" out of my job, death in the family... I haven't had a smoke since before...
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    Nowhere to smoke... for now

    With the cold weather approaching, my days of smoking seemed numbered. It's just not fun sitting outside, fire pit or not, when it's windy and 30 degrees. So what did I do? I went right to my wife, told her I was the king of the castle, and I needed a place to smoke indoors! When she got up...
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    Would a review like this get me flogged?

    A friend of mine (a BOTL who frequents another board) sent me this review and it was too good not to share. I'm not sure what the cigar was. Looks: a strikingly rich colour of almost Edicion Limitada Colorado Maduro darkness, interspersed with diffuse reddish brown and Kalamata olive areas as...