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    What makes you want particular cigar?

    I am Watching "Walk the Line" again and watching Reece Witherspoon sing in this movie makes me want a San Cristobal. Both are just perfect. Has anything made you want a particular cigar?
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    Clouds of smoke?

    I'm sure that most will agree it the Sancho Panza double maduro.
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    my little brother.

    Thanks to all!
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    my little brother.

    My little brother has been in poor health for about 11 or 12 years. He is 37 years old and over these 11 or so years he has been dealing with open sore over his entire body. His skin is now purple. 2 years ago the sores cleared up and be began to have back pain. The doctors found and removed a...
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    Leathery cigar suggestion?

    Padron 1964 Principe natural.
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    Your humidor vs B&M's...

    I prefer the B&M over my own. But I tend to spend too much time and money when I go there.
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    Most smoke ever.

    :tpd:Clouds of billowy bliss.
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    Most smoke ever.

    :tpd:Clouds of billowy bliss.
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    Is ground coffee good for cigars?

    I am glad that this thread was revived. I was thinking about doing this with some La Rosa Especials:pu that I was sorry that I bought.
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    I think I bombed myself!!

    Thou shalt not smoke indoors. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors stogies. Thou shalt not bomb thyself.
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    What is your favorite beer?

    I quit the real stuff 15 years ago on my wedding day but I still enjoy Becks N/A every day.
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    What are your favorite brands?

    Padron San Cristobal Ashton Punch
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    Thanks for the bump and for being a stand up BOTL

    Thanks for the bump and for being a stand up BOTL
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    Padron 3000

    You will not be disappointed.:tu
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    Ever Had A Cigar You Didn't Want To End?

    San Cristobal Clasico. I keep picking the clasico and wish that I had gone with the supremo or monumento.
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    Question About Lanceros, Panatelas & Lonsdales

    I picked up 3 of the Oliva V lancero's at a local B&M. smoked one the same day and it had draw and burn issues. Let the other 2 sit for a month and smoked another last week. It no longer had the draw issue but still had some amonia taste to it so I'll let the 3rd rest a while longer. I mentioned...
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    Why do you smoke?

    Relaxation. Oh yea, and it pisses off the dogooders.