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    Ordered my first Taboo's

    So I ordered my first sampler of Taboo cigars. Just heard so many guys drool over these cigars. Would like some feedback on what I can expect from some fellow BOTL.
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    Oliva Serie V Double Toro (6x60)

    First things first this is a beautiful cigar. From the band to the dark oily veiny wrapper it is just beautiful. After a perfect cut with my Xikar cutter the draw was great with just the right amount of resistance. After a nice toast the light was perfect and produced a perfect volume of smoke...
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    La Riqueza #4 from Tatueje via JPG

    Here we go with another cigar via Jose Pepin Garcia. The current rock star of the cigar world, and I would be one of his whores.:D Let me start by saying this a beautiful and well constructed cigar. After a nice cut with my Xikar I toasted and lite it with ease. This cigar comes with a...
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    Nub Cameroon Torpedo

    Well I guess it's time for my second cigar review. It will be picture less as I am not that savvy yet. Well here goes. First I must say that this is a well constructed cigar. Slightly veiny but overall the cigar is very easy on the eyes. After the cut the draw is excellent. It lights nicely...
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    Favorite place to smoke a Cigar

    I'm sure that this has been asked before, but I'm curious to where everybody's favorite place to smoke is. Mine is at my favorite B&M, where I also work:tu, here where I live in Bay City MI. Other fav is up north at our family cabin on Crooked Lake around the camp fire.:ss
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    J Fuego Natural

    My first review, so go easy on me guys. Pre-light observation is this is a well constructed cigar. Slightly veiny but overall very nice. Would characterize this as a mild to medium, leaning to a medium smoke. First taste is creamy and leathery. Very enjoyable. Lots of smoke and and a great...
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    What to smoke this fine Sunday morning?

    Hey fellas, how about some suggestions for my first smoke of the day. Have large collection and a very fine B & M to start my day in a nice leather lazy boy! Any help would be nice, I always struggle w/ that first choice!:ss