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    Betsy Ross - Clear Havana

    This is handmade, from between 1910-1917. First: Not yellow cello - BROWN cello. Distinct aroma of mint upon unwrapping; peppermint. What an odd introduction! Pre-light, same sensation of mintiness; also sweetness, common to these old cigars. Still, a pervasive sensation of mint, fading into...
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    Theobroma Ale

    Anyone else going to be looking for this come September? What an interesting venture by the geniuses at Dogfish!
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    For Scott

    (My friend Scott Curry passed in the early morning of the 31st after a long struggle with pancreatic cancer. He was a BOTL, although not a member here. I invite you to join me in wishing Scott a good voyage and luck in his new endeavors.) Maybe you're jamming with Hendrix; more likely, Randy...
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    When is the next group buy for bags?

    I'm starting to run low on 5-finger bags...not running out soon but want to be on the safe side, since I know these take time.
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    You like music? Well, here's a band for ya... :D No artificial, quick-curing for Robert Burns; every leaf is slow-cured in clean air. There's that dreaded ellipsis again, Darrel! ;) I smoked a Robert Burns Deluxe gifted/traded me (more gifted, really) by an exceptional BOTL, Mark (vstrommark)...
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    Oliva V Lancero

    No pics. Big "Thank you!" to PapaJohn67 for gifting me this so I could try it. Beautiful wrapper, flawless really. A perfect dark caramel color, no veins; cap was near perfect as well. Upon lighting, just straightforward tobacco flavors, a hint of charred wood. Problem is, that's where it...
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    Jesus on a cracker!!!

    WHAT. THE. HELL!!! IS THE BIG SECRECY CAMPAIGN OVER THE NEW PALIO FINISHES ALL ABOUT!!!??? Jeez, Lockheed's Skunkworks didn't keep the F-117 secret this long. IT'S A CUTTER!!! SHOW THE NEW FINISHES ALREADY!!! :chk Seriously...some of us have to save our pennies for nice things; I want to...
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    Fuente King B

    Just smoked my last of these from a box purchased last year. What a delightful cigar...the Rosado wrapper is yummy, the blend is just perfect - not strong nor overwhelming, and with just enough *pop* to make it interesting. Yet the blend still lets a lot of nuance and complexity through. A...
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    Plugged cigars...or elevated expectations?

    The subject of plugged cigars came up briefly in couple of other threads and it got me thinking, as I've thought before when I read these accounts... I must be truly blessed...which I know to be untrue right up front, since I'm passing kidney stones for the last two f(@#@ing weeks, and no one...
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    Añejo #49

    Yummy. 'Nuff said.
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    Pipe tobacco cigar

    Going to post this here, because try as I might I can't find the thread... A while back a BOTL asked about cigars made from pipe tobacco; lo and behold, I'm surfing the Devil's Site today (don't ask :rolleyes: ) and what do I stumble upon?
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    Anyone else dislike their Xikar?

    Or is it just me? I mean, it's OK, does what it's supposed to...but I don't find the cut to be as clean as the Cuban Crafter I was using before this one (at less than half the price). Plus, it doesn't do really small ring gauges very well at all, like it wasn't designed to...which is odd, since...
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    New Pepin Brand?

    From the Devil's Site: :confused:
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    lacquered boxes

    Recently I've bought a couple boxes of Patels and one of La Perla, none of which I'd bought in boxes before. They're very nice boxes, but the smell of lacquer coming off them is strong...anyone know anything about storing these? I'd hate to have them impart that odor to my humi stock.
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    Part 2 of...Fuente Porn! The likes of which you've NEVER SEEN BEFORE!

    As he hands me my credit card slip, the guy says, "Yeah...I have some Opus X that have been here as long as those añejos." I'm convinced that the guy saw me twitch as he said that; but the drool would have given me away anyway, we were in his cellblock, and I was gonna be his...
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    Fuente Porn...the likes of which you've NEVER SEEN BEFORE! (part 1)

    So, you guys know I was out looking for Fuentes this week...añejos, hemmi maddys and opus. Well, during the week I've managed to score a box of #49's, a box of WOA maddys and about 10 assorted añejos and opus (4 sharks). But it was Friday when I went downtown to some shops I don't...