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    CAO Earth Nectar Petite

    Nice. Does your husband post here as well?
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    Found this old cigar box.

    Near as I can tell, from the 40s-50s. Nice box, haven't seen one like it before, although I do own a box of Aurelias from the 60's.
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    5 finger baggies

    Gargoyle seems to have either gone out of business or pulled their website. Now there isn't a source that I know of for these. This is what happens when someone has a monopoly on a product that thousands of us use.
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    Which CS Members Share Your Taste in Cigars?

    Wow. I might be better off listing those I know of who don't share my tastes. I know papajohn67 and fishbeadtwo, also billycigars locally like some of the same cigars; MCS, the OP; also blueface... Good grief, way too many.
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    Backyard Visitors!

    What a beautiful bird! I get finches, crows and hummers on my front porch. And a crazy-ass squirrel who likes taunt my cats.
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    Betsy Ross - Clear Havana

    :ss Mailed today.
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    My beloved pet need your prayers

    My prayers are with you; RIP Nikki.
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    Anyone Going to Big Smoke Las Vegas??

    I wish. :hn Finances have been tough. I went in '06 and it was a blast.
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    Betsy Ross - Clear Havana

    These may be considered "NC" by the site, but sources for the really old ones are as jealously guarded as those for Cubans. More, actually.
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    prayers maybe a bit stong but...

    All the best to you tomorrow. I know what a good job means and how important it is.
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    Betsy Ross - Clear Havana

    This is handmade, from between 1910-1917. First: Not yellow cello - BROWN cello. Distinct aroma of mint upon unwrapping; peppermint. What an odd introduction! Pre-light, same sensation of mintiness; also sweetness, common to these old cigars. Still, a pervasive sensation of mint, fading into...
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    Thoughts for my Mother

    Rest in peace; prayers for you and yours.
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    19 Short years - RIP Young Man

    Rest in peace; prayers sent.
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    Leathery cigar suggestion?

    Aside from responses you'll receive from our fine community of BOTL's, I suggest the Non-Habanos Reviews forum, search "Leather."
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    What NC is most like an ISOM stick?

    "ISOM stick," I believe, is the medical terminology for the finger prick performed at hospitals to test your blood sugar. Therefore, cigars most like having your skin pierced painfully and squeezed thereafter for further effect would have to be any of the "bargain" cigars at CI or the devil's...
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    Looking for a ring gauge tool

    My local B&M has at least one for sale; talk to Joe or Kristen.
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    Clubstogie Louie Collage

    :D years later, I still love that joke. Thanks for that pic, Wayne - it is awesome!
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    I think I've found MY cigar

    Excellent choice!
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    I Wish I Had A Aristocrat Humidor

    I hope so! C'mon gorillas, queue up!!!