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    Well, it is about to start...hope there is nothing but cheer and good will for all of the athletes! It should not be about politics, just competition, and I think it should be a great opening ceremony.
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    Complicated plot!

    (Mods - I hope this is in the right section) So an idea was born in chat - how to bomb a fellow BOTL when he is in Vegas on vacation...after discussion of options - and knowing the itinerary, it was decided that we get him a gift certificate for Casa Fuente, and he can pick out a few cigars...
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    Sail on Tim Russert

    Just in from the news desk - God has taken another Buffalo Bills fan. Thanks Tim, for making the politics, news and Sunday mornings fun! Your white board will be missed!
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    Cancun/Playa del Carmen Herf-a-cation

    WOW!! What a great week at the Grand Mayan resort - thanks to a buddy (not on the boards) and a little time-share luck. (Supposed to go to his Time Share in Cabo...but "Cancun" was open) We arrived in the afternoon on the 11th and left early on the 18th, and during that week, we were able to...
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    Oops, I did it again...

    Someone please put Brittany (and me) out of our misery!! That (*#%&R(*#!&%+(_!&% auction site got to me again and I put another bid in on the box of GOF...PLEASE in the name of all that is holy - someone out bid me! \\end rant