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    Thoughts for my Mother

    Asking my friends here to please keep my mother in your thoughts and prayers. She passed away this weekend. Guess that I was lucky to have her around as long as I have. For obvious reasons will not be around much this week.
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    Oliva Serie G Maduro Bellicoso

    Fellow lovers of the leaf, as I posted in my previous review, I hate doing these things and only do them to advise you of absolute dog rocket crap in order to save you your hard-earned funds or to advise you of a must buy cigar at a price of less than $4.00 per cigar in an awesome dovetailed...
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    CAO Brazilia GOL!

    Any of the members who know me know that I despise doing reviews but I have not seen the Brazilia line reviewed in a while or at least reviewed by a totally ignorant palate (I can spell gud but not taste gud)! I also realize that this might not be the Brazilia that you initially smoked since in...
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    RIP Tim Russert

    Tim Russert, the moderator of Meet the Press, collapsed and died at his NBC office today at the age of 58. Prayers go out to his family and friends.
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    Question for Gran Habano Smokers

    Last night I opened a new box of Gran Habano #5 Rothschilds. The box that I had finished was purchased in June of 2007, I do not know what date was stamped on the box since I disposed of it when it was empty. The box that I loaded into my humidor last night was dated Jan 08, 2008. Even though I...
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    North Conway-Village Cigar Emporium

    Village Cigar Emporium 2625 White Mountain Highway North Conway, NH 03860 (603) 356-7755
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    Do Dentures Affect the Taste of Cigars?

    I saw a question on this topic posted either here in the Pipe Forum or on another board, but as a denture wearer, I thought that I would chime in. Due to an auto accident, and being an over 45 playing full-check hockey, I am now the proud owner of dentures top and bottom. Initially, I will...
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    Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte Barcelona

    Shape: Lonsdale Wrapper: Aged Natural Price: $45.10 for 20 I bought these cigars because I had heard very good things about them and the vendor who carried AF Brevas at the best price did not carry Maria Mancini, so I thought that I would get a consolation smoke. WRONG!! I only received these...
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    Onyx Reserve vs Onyx Vintage

    I just finished a box of Onyx Reserve Mini-Bellis, thankfully a new box should be in on Monday. I have often wondered what the difference is between the Reserve and the Vintage, other than price. I realize that the Reserve is more expensive and packed less to the box, but what is the taste...
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    El Titan de Bronze Review

    I had read several reviews of this company's cigars on the usenet group alt.smokers.cigars by Dr. Albert. Having trusted his other reviews, I ordered a box of their Grand Reservada Corona ($75 box/70 bundle). They looked so pretty on the website that I bought the presentation box. When they...