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    Has anyone dismantled a Vinotemp?

    Here ya go: Here's the master page for other vino manuals if anybody else wants a look:
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    UPS shipments from CBID - Damaged?

    Could have been worse... check out the warning that was on a box my wife got this morning.. :pu:pu:pu
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    Back surgery for MIL

    Good karma headed your way!
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    Hoping for a diagnosis this time...

    A couple of years ago we were rear-ended at freeway speeds and as a result my wife’s back was royally messed up. We’ve seen at least a dozen doctors locally, and the best anybody has been able to do so far is load her up with a handful of meds a couple of times a day (which still keeps her in...
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    Some good vibes for Shilala

    good vibes heading your way Scott! And if that doesn't work, at least some balloons to cheer you up :bl
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    Here's an odd taste question

    I had one a couple of nights ago (can't remember which one it was) that was a dead ringer for "band-aid" for just a brief moment. In the grand scheme of things, I'd be pretty happy with pumpkin :ss
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    Thinking about a new project, need some help finding a little wine fridge...

    I'm not sure what price point you're after, but it looks like target (at least online) is trying to dump their red Emerson 8 bottle units for $47 + shipping...
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    Any organizational tips for the humidor? (labeling, cateloguing) Took me a while too, they hid it under "Cigar Accessories"
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    Need a Vinotemp?

    The price and description sounds like the VT-52, which is what I have. If so, its not a thermo-electric. That said, I've had great luck with mine, but our house is always between 68-75 so it doesn't cycle very often. I've also got 2.5lbs of beads.
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    Out there is a maid with a lucky S.O.

    Maybe you were thinking of this one?
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    My first post or so was a pretty similar lightweight experience... here's the link, you're not alone :) One of the last couple of posts is a pretty good summary of the advice I was given. One thing I'd add, is don't over exert yourself...
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    Never Ending GB for Palio's

    Got mine as well, thanks!
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    Never Ending GB for Palio's

    Black for me. Paid on 7/20, got a shipping conf on 7/23. PM'd on 7/31 and emailed yesterday... no response :mad:
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    magnetic stickies

    Ace Hardware Pretty sure I've gotten it at Home Depot as well, but I can't find it on their website..
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    For Rob @ Taboo

    :tpd: I've got a sampler that came pre-labeled, but some of the singles I bought a couple of months ago I wasn't smart enough to label.... now I have no idea what they are (other than tasty!)
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    CAO cubist ashtray is awesome BUT...

    Now that the gift's been given, here's the other ashtray I was talking about: Pic1 Pic2 If it could be pulled off in a 6x6x2 block (I have plenty of that size handy, and didn't pay too much for it) I could probably give it a try next weekend. In order to get a nice clean cut on the angles...
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    CAO cubist ashtray is awesome BUT...

    Depending on what the group wants, and the timelines involved, I'm still willing to use my smaller CNC if it fits the requirements. I know I can do 6x6x3, but don't know for sure if I can pull off 8x8x3. We've done a couple out of wood with good success, but getting a nice finish...
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    CAO cubist ashtray is awesome BUT...

    I get most of mine at Rockler, Woodcraft, and places online such as: Not sure if it's the best pricing, but it's worked well for me.
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    CAO cubist ashtray is awesome BUT...

    How much would the design have to be changed in order to be considered a different product? 15% is bouncing around in my head, but I may be making it up...
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    CAO cubist ashtray is awesome BUT...

    Somewhere between the two... The idea was to sell them, but I haven't had much time lately, and if I factor in my labor I don't really make anything on them. The machine can do aluminum, but I don't have much experiance with it (in my machine). The ashtrays I've been doing are 6"x6"x2", and I...