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    Anybody tried Perdomo Patriarc?

    The LBM just got them in, so I picked one up under the owners advice, I must say it could be love. Has anybody else tried these yet? What were your thoughts?
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    Here's an odd taste question

    Im sitting here smoking my first Augusto Reyes and the taste I can only describe as pumpkin? Tastes like the smell of a pumpkin being carved. Am I off my rocker or has anybody else ever had that taste before?
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    Sigh...My Girlfriend is going to kill me...

    Went to the B&M today...:hn
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    My beloved pet need your prayers

    My 9 year old Rotwheiler Nikki has always had a bummed rear knee. But in the last few days her rear end has gotten worse to the point she can't get up off the hard wood floor. She is in immense pain but still trys to keep me happy. She has never growled at anyone. She is the sweetest dog one...
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    Sikk's Unofficial Whats in Your Desktop Thread

    I know you all have them, I've been wanting to make this thread for a while. So tell us what you've got stored in that little box! *Ill add my contribution when I get home and don't have to post on my cell
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    My sad tale

    So this morning I drove an hour in a diesel truck paying so cal diesel prices to get to an Apple store to buy an Iphone. After holding the box in my hand, we found out that I have a discount on my att acount and as such would have to purchase the phone from an att store... I came home empty...
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    Aristoff Belicoso Series B newb style

    Well I just finished it. Had about three months in the humi. Figured its time had come in celebration of my new nanners. It was the small 4.5 x 50. It lasted about 30-45 minutes. It started with a very tight draw, I fiddled with it and fixed that. Pre light it had a very nice smell. It was...
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    Olive V Lancero...a newbs perspective

    Well, I just got done (kinda) with my first Olive Series V Lancero. I've loved the Series G and O, this was my first of the V family. I hate to say this, but I am terribly let down. It smelled great, and had a smooth taste, and a burn as straight as a razor, but the tietest (sp?) draw I have...
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    A Newbs Mystery Culebra Review

    *Disclaimer: I have a terribel pallet!* I recieved this in a purchase here, it came unbanded and I have no clue what it is. Never the less I decided its time had come tonite. Please bare with me on this, I have never done a review and have not mastered the tastes. A cigar is good or bad...
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    Colibri Lighters

    Does anybody have experience with the one that ir wrapped in leather? CI sells them with their logo on them, but I've found them else where with the Colibri logo on them. I've been wanting one for a while, problem is I've heard a lot of mixed comments on these lighters and don't want to shell...
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    Quick Humi Question

    Ok, so the double sided velcro on my humi is no longer sticking, so I was thinking I would just super glue it on the lid. Is this a bad idea?