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    Taboo scammed me... WTF

    That's amazing!
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    So how many So. CA BOTL are there?

    Andrew, Ojai but I spend most my time in Ventura now a days
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    Anyone Going to Big Smoke Las Vegas??

    I would love to go, but I'll be in Seattle that week. I'm expecting many many pics though!
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    My Cabinet Humi Project

    You sir, are my new hero
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    If you were to buy 1 box of cigars.... What do you suggest I buy for my 1st box?

    I think I'm going to buy a box of Black Pearl Purples. My local shop is having a huge sale on them. But that's just localy other than that I would go with Lot 23 or Twists
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    My beloved pet need your prayers

    Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, last night Nikki let us know it was time. I just returned from the vet doing the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Again I want to thank everyone and ask again for you to send one last prayer up for Nikki.
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    Taboo Cigars

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    perdomo patriarch

    I love them! The flavors are awesome on these
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    Clubs with locker humidors

    Unless you're getting it to store a bottle of whiskey in to sip on while you're there I wouldn't recomend it. There's so many horror stories of beetle out breaks in lockers, or the b&m owners who think of peoples lockers as their own personal pickings. Run a search on here, plenty of stories...
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    how have you spent your day so far

    Sounds like your day has been more productive than mine :r I woke up about 1 since I didn't get home from work till 3 then I watched tv and have dine some online shopping that's about it
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    taboo suggestion

    The Twist is the only Taboo blend I've tried, but I swear by them
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    Hey, just noticed your message. I don't make a lot of friends at my job, so I don't like to put...

    Hey, just noticed your message. I don't make a lot of friends at my job, so I don't like to put my stuff out there.
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    I just Pooped my pants!!!

    Can't wait to see these!
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    Recent Trip to Fuente in the DR

    That's so awesome! The experiments have me totaly captivated
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    How do you try out new cigars?

    I usualy get 2 at least. One I try after it has rested, if I like it then I have the other when ever. If I don't I let the other sit for about two months and try again. Then I make my final decision.
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    I think my father will be an acid guy

    Meh, just be happy he's smoking with you. It'd be a cold day in he'll before I got my dad to smoke with me
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    Anybody tried Perdomo Patriarc?

    The LBM just got them in, so I picked one up under the owners advice, I must say it could be love. Has anybody else tried these yet? What were your thoughts?
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    Supporting your LB&M

    The B&M is where I do most of my buying. I buy things online I see that I want to age. Infact my entire humi is stuff to age because none of my friends enjoy cigars, so all of my smoking is done at the LBM