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    Back surgery for MIL

    My mother-in-law is having back surgery as I write this. She has a narrowing of the the spinal cord in her lower back and they are going in to see if they can take some of the pressure off the nerves. She has been in contant pain & discomfort for over two years. There is no guarantee that she...
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    CAO Black VR Mural

    This is a flavor-packed little bugger of smoke from end to end. :tu 1st third: Right after toasting the foot and getting started I was hit with a rich coffee/cocoa flavor with just a touch of spice. A great burn with lots of light gray ash. It started out a little tight on the draw but I fixed...
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    Onyx Reserve Churchill

    This is one sweet looking big dawg of a stick! Lighting this up I was greeted with a blast of thick maduro flavor that lasted for the first full inch of the smoke. It then mellowed out to a rich creamy cocoa flavor just like your morning coffee with your favorite creamer. This lasted for...
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    Torano Cameroon 1916 Robusto

    Nice way to start the holiday. This is my first cameroon so I wasn't sure what to expect. It's companion was a nice cup of coffee with a little hazelnut creamer for flavor & sweetness (I know). Nice peppery start to the smoke. Lots of rich white smoke and a very easy draw (just the way I like...
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    Punch Maduro Robusto - Michinoober review

    I'll try to set the scene for you in this my virgin review. Wife and daughter just headed off for daughter's wedding shower and I have the place to myself. Warm, 82 and very breezy. This smoke started off very creamy as I had expected. It stayed this way for about the first third. My...
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    Grand Rapids - Tuttle's

    Another one for the list: Tuttle's 3835 28th St. SE #107 Grand Rapids, MI 49512 616-942-6990 M-F 10a - 6p Sat 10a - 4p Great selection of all your favorites plus more. Largest walk-in humidor in GR. Great smoking room with TV, couches, chairs, and friendly atmosphere. :tu