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    B&M Getting Angry AT YOU?

    So today while I was in the mall with my ol lady I wandered over to the local Tinder Box to see what was new. Everything appeared to be the same ol same ol....Opus X's, Padrons, San Cristobals.... wait what's this? I see some Montecristo Series Vino Cabernet? I ask the guy working "what are...
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    Fort Worth - Tobacco Lane On The Square

    Tobacco Lane On The Square Cigars, Tobacco, Wine & Gifts 512 Main St. Ste. 110 Ft. Worth Texas 76102 (N.E. Mall & Weatherford) Hours Mon-Sat 9am-10pm 817-334-0900 1-888-80CIGAR www.tobaccolane on the Found this place over the weekend while here for a wedding. Wonderful...
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    Toast Across America 2005 Figurados

    Today was a nice day outside so Mark (borndead1) came over to sit on my porch and burn a few sticks. I picked up these TAA 2005's from a member here on CS. We did a puff and pass to compare the two sticks. Both had great construction and showed excellent craftmanship in their caps and feet. I...
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    Humidifier Opinions Please

    Well, today while I was in Virginia visiting my parents for this long holiday weekend, I purchased yet another humidor. The local B&M here was selling their Perdomo Store display humidor. It's about six feet tall and about two and half/ maybe three feet square. (couldn't resist!) My...
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    Kalamazoo - Red Arrow Cigar & Spirits

    Red Arrow Cigar & Spirits 6980 Stadium Drive (suite 102 in Village Place) Kalamazoo, MI 49009 269-544-1220 This is a brand new shop that opened recently. They have a huge selection of wine and around 500 different types of beer. (if I remember correctly) They have a good sized wall humidor...
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    Smoking caused a cigar to go soft?

    Have you ever.... Had a cigar that was firm to the touch before lighting, and then while smoking it, the cigar became soggy/squishy? Is this due to overheating?
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    Midlothian - Havana Connections

    Havana Connections 13137 Rittenhouse Rd Midlothian, VA 23112 Phone: 804-249-5000 This is one great place to visit! They have one giant room that is the lounge and the humi all in one! I really enjoy this place because it's the only place I have been to where you can smoke and look at all...
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    Stop Lurking and Start Joining!

    Ever wonder why so many people watch this site but never join? Im new here in the JuNgLe and I have noticed everyday - all day, more people that are not members use this site than members? Or is it just members pc's going idle for too long and they automatically sign out showing a non member...
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    Does anybody know about UMO vs.?

    I posted a review today for this cigar I obtained from some guy awhile back... I dont know anything about them (no box) and I searched online with no luck? Anybody ever seen these before and know anything about them?
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    UMO Vs. ????

    UMO Vs. Looks like a piramide sized cigar around 52 X 6 1/2 Medium Bodied First Im going to start this off by saying that I know nothing about these cigars. I picked them up off of a guy (no box included) about two years ago so I have no idea how old they are? I tried to research them online...
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    If you had a photo to post in CA would look like this.

    If I were to post a photo for CA Magazine this is the one I would send in... This is me a few months ago smoking a Bolivar Inmensas after eating lunch in Zermatt Switzerland... Long day of skiing.
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    What's your favorite "BIG" stogie?

    Im a fan of the Camacho Triple Maduros 6X60 and anything in Dbl Corona size.