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    Taboo scammed me... WTF

    At first I was thinking the batteries had something to do with your stiff ash! :r
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    Do you mean a NUB stand or a NEWB stand!!!:D
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    Police Officer Test Thoughts and Prayers

    Congrats on the great news. :bl
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    Back surgery for MIL

    Thanks everyone. The surgery went well. No only time will tell. Lots of rehab and PT for the next couple of weeks.
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    Saturday Mornings

    What a great morning. Cool & sunny. Just finished a couple cups of coffee with hazelnut creamer and a Famous Value 100 Honduran. Very nice cheap mild smoke for the AM. Now it's off on a little road trip to watch my son's D3 college soccer game. :tu
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    Back surgery for MIL

    My mother-in-law is having back surgery as I write this. She has a narrowing of the the spinal cord in her lower back and they are going in to see if they can take some of the pressure off the nerves. She has been in contant pain & discomfort for over two years. There is no guarantee that she...
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    Recent Trip to Fuente in the DR

    Those experimentals & the football are SO unique! Thanks for sharing the pics :ss
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    Need To Circle The Wagons for Silverfox!

    This is great news. Get them drugs in you & get back on your feet :tu
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    How many do you smoke a day?

    I usually only average about 2 per week. This will go down when the snow starts flying around up here.
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    La Floridita "Limited Edition"

    Thanks, I was waiting for a review on these. I really like the original LaFloridita maddys and I wondered how they compared. Thanks for the review.
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    Congrats on 1000. We'll be watching for the contest :chk
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    What do you drink your whisk(e)y in?

    :tpd: With 4 ice cubes.
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    IHRC #3 Diablo Picante

    Had my first one today at lunch. Very tasty until the final third. It got real harsh at the end. The rest of it was mighty fine, though :tu
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    Winter Proofing The Balcony For Stogies?

    2x4s just have to be cheaper & sturdier. Sounds like you have a good plan started :tu
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    I dropped my humi...

    ............two hands for beginners. Good job!!:r
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    Are You a Fan of Graycliff Cigars?

    I have only had a couple of the Double Expressos and they were very good.
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    spent cigars

    I save the bands and toss the butts into the firepit. It makes my campfires smell like fine oak with traces of Madagascar vanilla. :chk
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    Cigars I am smoking on vacation

    Man, I just read this entire post and all I am doing is drooling all over my keyboard. This vacation looks like what a vacation is supposed to be: relaxing and unplugging from the normal everyday (except for CS of course). Have a great last day!! :tu
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    Where do you get cigars from?

    I picked them up from a few places online and also a few samplers from folks right here at CS. :tu