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    Vinotemp 28 bottle on sale @ Target $149.00

    This has been discussed in a couple other threads, but I thought it deserved it's own...just in case someone that was holding off buying one missed the other discussions. Apparently they are having a 'temporary price reduction' on them. It's not advertised, but I(and many others) called a store...
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    Did someone order some trays?

    It should read, "This what I did on my summer vacation." Between this and what I send out on Saturday, I'm finally getting caught up. Now if I can only get my garage clean.:D These will be going out today and tomorrow.
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    Vinotemp setup with new shelves and trays

    Well I got the new trays all worked out.
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    Spanish cedar idea for coolers

    I've noticed a number of guys have been taking cigar boxes apart and using the sheets in their coolers. I'm assuming guys are doing this to get the cedar smell in their coolers. While I was working in my shop yesterday, I looked at my dust collector and noticed the bag was getting full of pure...
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    Well, I finally own one.

    I finally purchase a Vinotemp. I've built so many shelves and trays for them, but I didn't own a Vinotemp until today. I had to rely on other people for measurements and dimensions to built the shelves and trays. It's not the same as having a unit there to fit things and be able to get first...
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    Latest ice chest conversion

    This is an ice chest that I just finished converting for a friend. He didn't want the outer shell redone, so I just gutted it and went from there. I forgot to take a couple completed photos, before he left with it, but you'll get the idea. I'll get him to send me some photos when he fills it...
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    F@*$'n deer

    The wife was driving my son home from hockey practice. She called and said she just hit a deer. I asked her if there was much damage. She was too shocked to stop and look. She almost made it home, but I had to head out to get her because she thought she had a flat. When I got to her, there...
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    Drug bust nets fake Cubans - seizure going to troops

    Saw this on the news tonight. Cigar Bust Will Benefit Overseas Soldiers
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    Custom Cedar Trays.

    A couple weeks ago I posted a picture of some trays that I built for my humidor. Beachcougar PM'ed me and asked if I would be interested in building him some for his Vinotemp. It appears the standard trays on the market don't fit well in the Vinotemps(if you want side by side trays). Since I...
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    NUB pre-release tasting event!!!

    Thats right, NUB PRE-RELEASE TASTING! First ever! I met up with the Oliva Rep, Ian (BengalMan) and a couple other buddies(who aren't members of this board, yet) Rob (Robisjebus), Patrick (deuce) and myself all met Ian (BengalMan), who is our area rep for Oliva, at Stix in Southgate, MI last...
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    My son almost let the cat out of the bag.

    The wife wanted to go state-side today to get a little Christmas shopping in, so I dropped her off at the mall and went to the B&M for a cigar and maybe pick up a couple more. On the way home, my youngest son pipes up and says, "How many cigars do have now dad? I guess about 250 - 275" I tried...
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    Picked up a few things today

    RP Juniors and Famous Honduran from the Monster deal the other week. IT's from a split on another board. Gurkha Shaggy's another split. I met up with another BOTL tonight at Cigar Factory Warehouse in Troy, Mich. They had the RP Decades, IT 10th's and Anejos. Smoked one of the Decades and the...