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    Serious Cigars and Hurricane Ike

    I got word today from a BOTL that was visiting DFW due to Hurricane Ike. He is a regular at Serious Cigar and told me that the store itself took a lot of damage, along with the new wine shop adjacent to the shop (both of which Ron owns). From his description, the roof literally was peeled off...
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    The Beagle Family update

    Well here goes. About two weeks ago my 91 yo grandmother was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer and stomach cancer. Due to the age and other factors, the US doctors declined to operate. So GMa, being who she is, decided to go to Mexico City with my uncle and his family for the rest of her days. The...
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    Davidoff Maduros

    Just got back from lunch at the B&M. Bypassed my regular smoke for the new Davidoff Maduro robusto. Starts off like most other Davidoffs (ceadery), but had a great complex finish with a bit of sweet taste. Pictures to come soon. :cb
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    Tobacos Baez by Pepin

    I just picked up two of these sticks last night. Smoked the beli at lunch and I have to say it was quite good. Started off with strong and spicy and moved into a good medium bodied stick after the first inch, which remained true to the end. The B&M had the the two sizes (toro and beli) priced at...
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    Tatuaje Black Label Jars are In

    Just got the call from my B&M that my Tatuaje Black Label in the special jars are in. Got one put aside for me for pick up at lunch time!!! Pete Johnson is in the area this weekend as well, so I will have him sign it when I see him tomorrow! :cb
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    A lighter shade of brown (Padron 80th Naturals)

    I pick this up over the weekend and was waiting till I had the whole box. This is the Padron 80th Anniversary Natural. supposedly the rarer stick of the two brands. I took the pics of the Natural next to a Maduro version. Happy hunting! :cb
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    NY Times article on the Big Smoke

    Not sure if anyone posted about this, but did anyone read this article in the NY Times about the Big Smoke? :BS
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    Fort Worth, where the West begins and freedom ends

    Well, it isn't as restrictive as I feared it would be, but I still don't like the fact there are any sort of restrictions. ********************** Fort Worth council passes smoking restrictions BY MIKE LEE FORT WORTH -- Smoking will be completely banned in restaurants beginning in January...
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    Texas Smoking Ban Sine Die

    The two Smoking Ban bills were left to die due to the Texas Legislature adjourning yesterday. HB 9 actually made it to the Senate and was placed on the intent calendar for the second reading, but died at midnight with the close of the session...
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    Places to go in KC

    BOTL and SOTL, I am in the KC area for the next few days and would like to know where to go and have a cigar or three. I am staying in Overland Park and wouldn't mind meeting up with a few of you if possible. Send me a PM with suggestions and info. I would suggest my hotel bar area, but the...
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    Little Cigars story

    Okay, this is getting crazy. I like an occassional mini cigars, especially when I am out at a bar or somewhere that really frowns on the regular sticks. They are even great when I am at work and want to go for a quick smoke with my co-workers. Now they want to label them as cigerettes!!! When...