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    El Triunfador Lancero

    I saw the prototype for these last month when Pete was in town. They are awesome and I am looking forward to getting the whole box.
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    601 Reserva Limitada Check the "Meet the Retailer" section under United Tobacco. The 601 are blended by Pepin for Eddie Ortega & Erik Espinosa. I've had all four styles and honestly can say I prefer the Blue label 601 Maduro. I have about 2 boxes resting right now for over a year. I pulled...
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    Serious Cigars and Hurricane Ike

    I am doing fine. Ike missed most of the DFW area. Talk to you soon Carlos.
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    Serious Cigars and Hurricane Ike

    I got word today from a BOTL that was visiting DFW due to Hurricane Ike. He is a regular at Serious Cigar and told me that the store itself took a lot of damage, along with the new wine shop adjacent to the shop (both of which Ron owns). From his description, the roof literally was peeled off...
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    H. Upmann Edicion Limitada

    I had one of these back in June while in Chicago. It was a very tasty cigar, but I did have some burn issues with the stick. I haven't seen it since then. I personally like the HU Signature line, especially the Double Eagle.
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    The Beagle Family update

    Well here goes. About two weeks ago my 91 yo grandmother was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer and stomach cancer. Due to the age and other factors, the US doctors declined to operate. So GMa, being who she is, decided to go to Mexico City with my uncle and his family for the rest of her days. The...
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    Partagas Black?

    Love them. Usually smoke these during the winter time, but it is one of my favorite double maduros. I would suggest you do a search on this and non-habanos forum for past reviews.
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    La Riqueza and Gispert bands identical?!

    I had a very long conversation with Pete Johnson last week (about 5 or 6 hours). Yes, he does take the artwork from old Cuban bands and has them redone for his labels, but it is generally stuff that is in the public domain already. I did get to see some of the things he is planning for his...
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    Davidoff Maduros

    Just got back from lunch at the B&M. Bypassed my regular smoke for the new Davidoff Maduro robusto. Starts off like most other Davidoffs (ceadery), but had a great complex finish with a bit of sweet taste. Pictures to come soon. :cb
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    Double Maduros......

    I had some of the prototypes and then more when they were first released. Great sticks, lots of pepper and spice. I pulled one from my locker the other day (about 6 months of age on them) and the profile was very differently. Probably because the flavors had time to mingle, but it wasn't nearly...
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    Double Maduros......

    If given the choice, I would try a Partagas Black. I prefer the Blacks over the MX2s.
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    Tobacos Baez by Pepin

    They were released at IPCPRA last month. I just saw them at the B&M last night.
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    Tobacos Baez by Pepin

    Advantages of being in charge when the boss is always away!!!
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    Tobacos Baez by Pepin

    I just picked up two of these sticks last night. Smoked the beli at lunch and I have to say it was quite good. Started off with strong and spicy and moved into a good medium bodied stick after the first inch, which remained true to the end. The B&M had the the two sizes (toro and beli) priced at...
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    Smoking in Chicago...

    Not sure, but I remember reading somewhere that they were having problems with the building management and other tenants a while ago. Iwan Ries was where I smoked when I was there last month. Otherwise it was when I was walking around Mag Mile.
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    Craigslist alert... "Vision Humidor" for sale

    Funny, I bought my Vision humidor for only $10.
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    Did you come to cigars or were you introduced?

    A fraternity brother introduced cigars to me back in 1992. We were at our usual Friday afternoon club hang out (Albquerque's Hilton cantina for $2 pitchers and free fajitia, the best way to survive college!). While into our 3rd or 4th pitcher, Tim, pulled out a Excalibur #2 and started smoking...
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    Are Tatuaje Blacks History?

    Funny, I just bought another handful of Black Tats and saw two jars walk out the door yesterday. Pete Johnson was in town several months ago and didn't mention anything about a limited run on these. He is coming back next month, so I will pose the question to him. I do know he has a special...
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    What ever happened to Avalon Cigars?

    I had a few Cerberus out of the factory from Miami, very good smokes. I am looking forward to these as well.