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    I feel a little cheated...

    So I thought I would try two of the house labels...the Brazilian Label and the Corojo Label.....Much to my surprise they were SHORT filler. now they are cheap...I paid 9.95 for a sampler of 4 each, so I didn't pay much...but man I felt where do the say the tabacco is short...
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    Overland Park - Cigar & Tabac

    Cigar & Tabac 6898 West 105th Street Overland Park, KS 66212 913-381-5597 800-359-0381 We were in town for a Chiefs game, and you know how it is when your in a new town, have to find the candy store. Oh man did we find it, this store has a GREAT selection, pretty...
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    CAO America

    Found this link through cigarcyclopedia....It's a YouTube video showing a roller apply the wrapper..pretty cool. :tu
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    Any Cigar Smoking dentist in the house?

    ok so I had to have a molar pulled out on Tuesday, sucks I know, but had to be done. Anyway the Dentist says don't smoke for 12 hours...thats easy, but my brother and I always get together every wednesday night for a cigar and starbucks and we play a game of chess. I'm a little worried about...
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    Question about Anejo #77 Shark

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the #77 and the #55? Is there really going to be any difference in taste? I mean I know that size does impact flavor, but come on they are so close in size I can't see that it would have that big of my question is why? why would they...
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    Phoenix Az B&M stores

    Hey there fellow BOTL's. I'm going to be in the phoenix area in two weeks to see my beloved Chiefs play the Cardinals. While i'm there I want to hit some Cigar shops. I would love to hear any and all recomendations. Thanks!:w
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    K. Hansotia Symphony

    Hello all. It's been awhile since i've been on the boards, so I thought I would put up a review of my Saturday night smoke. The Symphony Robusto 6 X 50 Pre-light. This is really a good looking cigar. firm, no blemishes on the wrapper and solid construction. The color is very light tan. Now...
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    Partagas Limited Reserve

    I recently purchased this cigar in my last order. I picked it up an an impulse. Has anyone had one, and how are they? I'm going to check it out on the review board now. but wanted to get some live feed back. I paid 17.95 for ONE stick! but what the hell. Partagas Limited Reserve Robusto 5.75 X 49
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    Rate this Opus X sampler...

    Is this a good deal? It seems to be a great deal to me. I'm looking for a good Opus X Sampler. If any of you know where I can purchase a good sampler similiar to this, let me know please. $255 18-CIGAR-FUENTE-SUPER-SAMPLER Description: 18 cigars as follows: 4x, Fuente Hemingway Short Story...
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    WOW! Felipe Gregorio

    I picked up a Felipe Gregorio Sampler pack from cigarbid on my last purchase. well last night I sat down and lit up this cigar. Felipe Gregorio Robusto 5X52. Looking at this cigar, I would not think much of it, it has an uninteresting band on...
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    One Cool BOTL and my first Opus X

    I have to say I'm one lucky man. Today in my mailbox was one Opus X Robusto. A couple of days ago there was a post by another primate that told of his first Opus X. I had commented on his find and mentioned that I hadn't tried one yet, as they are way to pricey out here in California. Well a...
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    How to store Tubos

    I just received a box of Indian Tabac Tubos from cbid..... Anyway I don't really know how I should store them. I have two humidors, one is now FULL :D . The other has a few cigars in it, I think I can fit the whole box of Tubos in it if it...
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    Great interview with Jorge Padron...

    I read a really good interview with Jorge Padron at CA's website. If you haven't read it yet here's the link.,2547,159,00.html
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    The wonder that is Cigarbid?

    After reading about on this site, I decided to try it out. Is this site to good to be true or did I get lucky. After my first day of checking out auctions I landed 3 winning bids... 5pk Gurkha Legend Robusto - $21.00 5pk Perdomo 2 Milenario Maduro - $13.00 5pk Puros Indios...
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    DiMeola Cigars??

    I don't know if these are any good? But I'll soon find out. If your interested here's the link. $5 for shipping and handeling. 2 cigars. 1. Gran Robusto and 1 Magnifico.