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    Seward - Yukon Bar

    I haven't tried smoking too many places in Alaska since the "no smoking inside" law kicked in for Anchorage, but me and my old man were able to enjoy a couple gars in the Yukon when we went to Seward. When my dad asked if we could smoke cigars inside the bartender said something like, "I don't...
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    North to Alaska

    So I'm moving to Alaska (Anchorage) in January, looks like I'll continue mail ordering most of my cigars :mad: I guess the upside is all the good microbrews up there....Alaskan, Midnight Sun, Homer Brewing, and Humpys all make a few good ones I've sampled. Any...
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    Vicksburg Humidor Availability

    I posted this comment here: but wanted to make sure everyone who was thinking about getting one of these knew what I was told. See below email I received 10-19-06 from My question was in regards to whether we could get a...
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    Humidor Upgrade

    Finally decided to increase my humidor capacity...these should be enough for now (old humi in front). Actually 1 is for my pops-in-law, but I don't know if I'll be able to split them up!:p
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    Vegas Cubanas

    Ordered a 5 pack of Vegas Cubanas (Imperiales) from Cigar King. 3 of them came in with cracks near the end. I just ordered them to give 'em a try so I'm not really worried, but wonder if anyone else has had any similar problems and what causes it, and if I should bother whining to the vendor...
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    New cigars for the newbie

    Won my 1st take on Cigarbid, can't complain about the price, but don't know what more it could lead to...:) Also got some Vegas Cubana Imperiales and some Habana Leon Robustos from Cigar King (split some with LSUTiger). They looked o.k...