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    Using McDonalds as Pizza Topping This might be something MCS might try. Ah, who am I kidding...this is nasty, but I'd try it!
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    Heart Attack Grill! Surely someone has gone to this place in Arizona. I know they got bad press, the a very original concept. Turn bad press into new customers curious to clog their arteries! Love the names of the...
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    Graycliff 1666 SCORE!

    All this for $70! Not too shabby for a great stick!
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    Prince Sined Yar Maharg thoughts...

    you'll see one of his famous quotes in my signature. I love this guy! "A fine cigar is the essence of life. The tobacco plant comes from the earth, from which we ourselves were created. Like ourselves, each leaf grows and is nurtured individually, acquiring its own characteristics, and is then...
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    Favorite Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper

    I am kind of partial to the RyJ Anniversario, and here recently, the delicious Cubao line.
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    Rocky Patel Meritage Blend

    Don't know how new these are, but RP is a cigar blend crank out machine. I think quality has suffered in the recent past. I find many blends that I initially truely enjoyed have suffered, such as the OWR and RP SG (which used to be my favorite).
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    Why is the name "petit" corona, and not pequeño corona?

    Did some mild research and couldn't come up with any sources. Anyone know why my favorite vitola is named in French and not Spanish?
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    MGD 64 Anyone tried this yet? Seen a commercial for it, and, as I'm always looking for a way to cut calories, have got to give it a shot. I wonder if they can cut that much out of it without cutting taste.
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    La Riqueza #5

    APPEARANCE: A beautiful sparkling, dark, oily Petite Corona. Well wrapped cap, and the foot reveals the appearance of meticulous detail in constructing the insides. She is also slightly heavy for her size. Quite PRE-LIGHT AROMA/ BOUQUET: Nice aroma of coffee and toffee. SMOKE (volume, color...
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    Keep Moving Cigars Curious about these...I mean, they hail from Louisiana, so how bad can they be?! :ss
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    Looking for pictures of Min Ron Nee's cigar collection...

    I remember seeing these like a year or so ago. It may have been in one of the cigar mags. His collection is mind-blowing. Does anyone have a source for these electronically...or maybe personal pics?
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    La Riqueza and Gispert bands identical?!

    I don't have the energy to find images online, but while looking through a cigar catalog, the Gispert band caught my eye, and I noticed it was identical to the La Riqueza bands! Well, except for the logo and text. The bands are identical!
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    Woodchuck Draft Cider

    WOW, this stuff is GREAT! Only bad part is that the stuff is so tasty, I could prolly drink the whole 6er...but at 200 caleries a pop, I better lay back. The Granny Smith version looks tasty too. Next on my list.:tu
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    Special Occasion Rum!

    I really have to love rum for this! If I were gifted this, I would use it to make Daquaries. :D
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    Mouth ulcers and smoking

    I occasionally get mouth ulcers from spicy foods I eat. Does anyone have experience with cigar smoke making these ulcers worse. I am paranoid to smoke when I do have them (not that that ever stops me) because I feel this at least slows down the healing process. I hate those things! :mad:
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    New Interview with Pete Johnson

    I thought this interview was really good. Long and indepth, some things I hadn't known about the guy. Maybe I'll fire up a La Riqueza or a Tat tonight!
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    Cubao #4

    A box of these came in yesterday, and I fired one up last night whilst watching the Olympics. I don't have my fancy review cheat to help with a review, as I had to "recover" my computer and lost some documents. Anyways, I couldn't wait to write about this sweet cigar. From the very first draw...
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    Ahhhh, yeah!

    This will probably be my last score for quite a while...but I think it's pretty good. Can't wait to dive into these tonight! Thanks to the guys at Silo Cigars for pretzels and Atomic Fire ball! :ss
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    Taboo's too wet?

    Had a Taboo Habano Sun Grown last night, and I found it was VERY wet. It didn't burn right, and I found every part of the cigar to be very damp. Do they need some curing time in the humi? Has anyone else experienced this?
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    Macanudo 1968 Toro

    APPEARANCE: This 6 x 54 Toro looked very appetizing after a wonderful Saturday roast meal. For the record, I do not like Macanudo cigars. With that said, the cigar looked and felt well crafted. PRE-LIGHT AROMA/ BOUQUET: Very nice chocolate smell prior to light up. SMOKE (volume, color, aroma)...