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    Pre Embargo from CI?

    If it was Pre-embargo, it would be at Christie's!:tu
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    What was your latest booze purchase?

    Picked up a fifth of Crown on sale for $15!
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    Cigars in Munich

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    Omar Ortiz Originals Toro

    my curiosity is piqued!
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    A little comedy from Famous

    maybe it was Zino's.
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    Noob review - Alcazar #5

    I found it to be medium in body, and did make a ton of smoke. So much, that my wife said it stunk up the whole house. Uhghgg.
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    How does one...

    Man, those things were expensive too! Time to give Pete a shout! :tu
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    Noob review - Alcazar #5

    smoking a #3 right now...from a NCAA wager win. Not too bad thus far, although the draw is tight. The flavors are true Nic, and this seems like a pretty relaxing smoke right now.
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    Sancho Panza extra fuerte

    Pumping this old thread. Just fired one up...haven't had one of these in years. Amazing how good these smokes are...and that you can find these for under $40 a box!
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    What NC is most like an ISOM stick?

    La Riqueza is pretty tasty, as far as on a comparison level...but I try to think of ISOMs as their own entity and have a completely different taste.:2
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    Using McDonalds as Pizza Topping

    I imagine both the gun and the freakish pizza would have the end results on a human.:2:hn:D
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    Using McDonalds as Pizza Topping This might be something MCS might try. Ah, who am I kidding...this is nasty, but I'd try it!
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    Heart Attack Grill! Surely someone has gone to this place in Arizona. I know they got bad press, the a very original concept. Turn bad press into new customers curious to clog their arteries! Love the names of the...
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    MGD 64

    Just got a 12 pack, just for a try. Yep. Pretty bland, watery, with a surprisingly dry finish. If you're looking to get a beer buzz with light calories, and aren't too concerned about taste, this is your brew.:)
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    how have you spent your day so far

    Vegged out all day, watched cigars, and smoked some great NCAA football!
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    The Illusione M7

    With the exception of the 88, I think they taste acidic and need more aging time. Many other people don't get that, but those people suck. :D
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    damned slippery slope

    good grief man! Straighten that up! :hn:D
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    Does anybody do this???

    Delicious siliva does wonders to tobacco! :D
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    I need some advice

    Padron Delicias Maduro are excellent cigars, rather cheap, and age very well, from a similar experiment! :ss