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    New Neighbor hates my cigar smoking

    All of this reminds me of the apartments we just moved out of. I never had any issues with people complaining about smoking, but rather I had some complaints about my neighbors. You see, it was a 2 story building and we were on the ground floor. The upstairs neighbors (well into their 30's)...
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    Huzzah! I am moved in and not neurotic (at least not as much) anymore!

    Huzzah! I am moved in and not neurotic (at least not as much) anymore!
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    UPS Store told me shipping cigars was "illegal"

    To those who have decided this is a good time to pile on and ding me, know this: I had no right to call groogs any kind of name. But otherwise, I have every right to my opinion, and it certainly comes with more knowledge than anyone else I have seen posting in this thread up until this point...
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    UPS Store told me shipping cigars was "illegal"

    See, with this kind of information people can make informed decisions about who to use. But your previous post is biased and lacks factual basis. I never said UPS was perfect (as it appears the driver is ignoring his responsibilities here), but honestly, not everyones complaint is valid.
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    Padron party in KC......Anybody going?

    I wish someone would have said when. And where.
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    UPS Store told me shipping cigars was "illegal"

    Posts like his irk me because they violate the nature of a well meaning, critical consumer. Instead he says he: 1) Hates UPS 2) because they never leave his stuff there 3) he has to go pickup his stuff at the hub He does not give any reason or even allude to any kind of facts about why these...
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    UPS Store told me shipping cigars was "illegal"

    Probably because: A) you live in an apartment B) there is no place to leave it where it will not be in plain view from the street c) the person who lived there before liked to file bogus theft claims, and your address is still on file Edit: Furthermore, some jackasses like you just dont get...
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    UPS Store told me shipping cigars was "illegal"

    You are clueless buddy. He used the UPS STORE, which is a franchise operation, independently owned and operated. And UPS has the fastest time in transit maps of any of the carriers, including USPS. The only time the post office EVER gets something somewhere faster is if it is part of a...
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    Rocky Patel Cuban Blend

    I did a box split on these before with another guy from the area. They are a good smoke. Way better than the vintage IMO, but then again, I think the vintages taste like burning paper.
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    Davidoff - worth the drive?

    Should have gotten there today. Maybe tomorrow.
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    Tax rebate coming this week

    You could buy one of the samplers I am going to be selling next week.
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    Ratings inflation! Biggest disparity?

    See, I find this statement outrageous. I found the PAM to be bland at best. The Oliva V straight BLOWS THE PAM OUT OF THE WATER in my opinion.
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    Davidoff - worth the drive?

    :tuIts just bagged more than once.:tu
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    Davidoff - worth the drive?

    Ok, I have been busy so far this week (we just signed an offer for a house about two hours ago), but I just finished packing the bags up. On my lunch break tomorrow, I am going to the USPS.
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    Davidoff - worth the drive?

    Finding my way to the USPS branch on monday.
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    Davidoff - worth the drive?

    Your face is expensive if you don't PM me your address. :tu
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    Davidoff - worth the drive? drive that far. Do you know how much gas costs? PM me your address instead.
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    Serie V Figurado

    Have a box in the humi.
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    Wireless Hygometer/Temp Unit

    Model # pls.