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    Crappy end to the weekend

    Everything was great this past weekend until Saturday night. Saturday I spent the day in the yard with my wife and had a great time. We had a nice dinner and then I went out for an evening with the boys to see some wrestling live. It was Great! The Honky Tonk Man was here as well as Tatanka...
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    Planning a trip into Montana (Great Falls)

    Over the last few months I have been dealing with a lot of personal crap and also have been working a lot of overtime. In the last 3 weeks I have worked my regular 8 hours a day and then an extra 15 days worth of overtime. So I was talking to the wife on the weekend and said that I needed to...
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    Calgary - August long weekend HERF (Pics)

    On Saturday night my smoking buddy Shaun was over and dcyoung (Collin) and his buddy Clay joined us for some cigars out on the deck. It was a little hot out to start but turned out to be a great evening. Here are some pics From left to right - dcyoung (Collin), Me, Jake my dog, and Shaun...
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    Been said before....but deserves to be mentioned again

    I ordered a couple of Stinky ashtrays from Viper at Heartfelt and due to some damage to the box during shipping (It was packaged great just got a little banged up during transit) one of the stirrups broke off. I emailed Viper and he immediately shipped me a replacement without any question...
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    Even Steven can't be trusted!

    I recently purchased a RP Edge Missle Maduro 5er from Even Steven (Seen Here) Well not only does he send the 5 pack but he also sends these! Can't thank you enough bro for your generosity! I will enjoy these! Thanks again Alex
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    B&M beside my work - Funny story

    I went for a quick stroll in the mall right beside my work today at lunch and noticed a little cigar shop in there. So I went in to have a look and see what they have. Not a huge selection but some nice looking sticks and actually some pretty decent prices. The lady asked me if I needed any...
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    Cigar Shop in San Antonio

    Hey Everyone My friends in-laws are going to be in San Antonio on Jan 18th and have offered to pick up some cigars for us on a few conditions. 1. It is close to the airport as they don't want to have to go all over the city 2. We call ahead and talk to them about what we would like so they...
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    Last HERF before indoor smoking ban

    Just got back from a local pub with my buddy Shaun for out last indoor HERF before the smoking ban takes effect on Jan 1, 07 Just so happened that both our wives were out today so off to the local B&M Bought myself a Upmann Coronas Major, Partagas Coronas Senior, RASS, and a Monty #2. Off the...
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    Anejos Anejos Anejos!!!

    I can't take it anymore!!! :r There is just far too much talk about them I think I am going over the edge because I can't have one! Checked a few B&M's around here and no luck :mad: Ok I am done my rant.....go back to enjoying your Anejos :w
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    Got my order from Cigarmony

    I got my order from Cigarmony last week. Ordered 2 Pucks, 2 digital hygro's, and even though I just missed the Palio cutter group buy he still threw in a few for the discount price. Also wanted to tell you guys about the awesome service I received. Mark shipped out my order and just shy of a...
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    Sunny afternoon cigar

    Why is that a cigar taste that much better when it is sunny and warm out, you skip out of work a little early and enjoy it with a good friend with many laughs....doesn't hurt that we did this in November! Hit about 18 C (64 F) on my deck today Here is Shaun smoking a AF Cuban Belicoso and me...
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    Padron 5000

    I smoked this cigar on Sunday. Really enjoyed it (Even posted some pics here It had a very consistent taste and flavor from start to finish. I have read other reviews that talk about spice and creamy flavors but I guess maybe I just haven't...
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    Sunday afternoon Herf

    Ahhh what a great hit about 15-16 C (59-60 F) on my deck today so it was a perfect afternoon for a cigar Here are some pic of me and my buddy Shaun....I am in the redish/orange shirt Shaun smoked a AF Cuban B and I smoked my first Padron 5000.....Wow what a great smoke. I really...
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    Cigar Porn

    Well my buddy came back from St. Louis today and I think he did alright.....Just thought I would share some pics..
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    Some RP ash

    Smoked a RP vintage 1992 the other night. What a great smoke. It was a little on the cool out but still enjoyed it. Though I would share some ash....not the best but it was pretty good. It fell off about 30 seconds after I snapped this pic.
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    What a day….and not in a good way

    As some of you might remember me mentioning in the last little while, my buddy is going to St. Louis next week and we wanted to put together an order have it shipped to him while he is there working and then he would bring it back to Canada. Everything was great. We had everything picked out…a...
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    Smoking in the winter

    Not sure if this has already been discussed much (didn't really find anything in the search) but for you gorillas that live in places that get cold in the winter where do you go to smoke? Here in Calgary it can get really cold and snow a fair amount to. With that being said I am not about to...
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    Need some help picking

    I am sure in the past many posts have been made similar to this but I am not finding enought time to read everything that I need/want to read on here so I hope you guys don't mind me posting this.......... As I mentioned in my little newbie intro a buddy of mine is going to St. Louis in a few...
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    need some expertise

    These are 2 pics of cigars that I have in my humidor right now and I am not sure what these spots on the cigars are. Can anyone please help me out? I am in a panic that my cigars might be ruined.