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    Blind Panel Review

    Hello gang, In an effort to reintegrate myself into the Jungle, I figured I would share my latest foray into reviewing some cigars in the blind. I am lucky enough to get to participate in the blind panel reviews for Smoke Magazine from time to time and I thought I would share my reviews with...
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    Hello ... Hello ... Hello Again

    Hello again CS! I'm sitting in Hoboken Cigars having a 601 Blue, enjoying the day and being thankful for the birth of my 2nd daughter back on July 29th. Thought I would pop in and give a shoutout to some old friends. I'm iPhone enabled now so I'll try to post more often. Hello to the many new...
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    Humidor Contest

    Don't know if this has been posted before but these guys are giving away a humidor to whoever writes the best essay about cigars and the cigar lifestyle. Have at it gang!
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    Fly The REALLY Friendly Skies!,2106,3729503a4560,00.html On Smintair, the penalties for not smoking can only be imagined. Consider this letter from Alexander W. Schoppmann, addressed to "Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Guests" and published on the airline's website ( Herr...
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    Expect the backlash
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    Upgrade Celebration Cigar

    Well what will yours be to celebrate the Upgrade of CS!???
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    Cigars.About.Com needs an experienced cigar guru!

    Gorillas, I frequented quite a bit because I found Jeff Aiken's articles informative and I liked his "value hunters" approach to cigars. Apparently, Jeff has flown the coop and the site is actively seeking a new voice to help cigar lovers everywhere enjoy their hobby...
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    Cigars on a Late Night Talk Show!

    Tonight at 11:00PM EST on Comedy Central, D.L. Hughley has a talk show that apparently will fly in the face of conventional talk shows. From all the promos, it looks like he offers his guests drinks AND CIGARS! There are a few clips of Andy Dick puffing away at what looks like a Montecristo and...
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    How Did You Come To Club Stogie?

    Lotsa new faces from lotsa new places so let's hear it. What brought you to this wonderful little communtiy of herfers? And for the FOGs around here, do you remember where you were the day you joined up? Who was president? Was the cotton gin invented yet? (KIDDING!) And with all the other forums...
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    Returning Ring Gauge

    To everyone upon whom I've gifted gauge, I promise I'm gonna try to boost your gauges once more. I spread around a bit too much today apparently and hopefully I'll get to you all!
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    Camacho Contest

    Camacho wants you to name their new cigar so give it a go already! I submitted "RAVEN" ...,2344,1301,00.html
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    Some more competition? looks like JR's is gonna enter the auction game ... Cigarbid already takes so much cash from me... Anyone gonna give this a go as well?
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    New Jersey Cigar Mania, anyone?

    To all my Jersey Brethren of the Leaf, How many of you are planning on attending? Grace willing, I'll actually be there with bells on ... well maybe not bells ... but I'll definitely be there to bask in the warm glow of foots afire.
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    Another Thompsons Cigars Encounter

    OK, I read all the posts on here about the 250 Club, pros and cons, and I thought I'd share my personal experience with this company: Backstory: I ordered the 12-Cigar sampler with case from their site and it shipped to me without any problem whatsoever. I was pleased and figured on giving them...
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    Great Cigar Info...

    ... partcularly for bargain hunters! Does anyone else read this "column" regularly? I often find myself here every coupla days, especially when the monthly "Bargain Hunters" list comes out. The guide, Jeff, seems very knowledgeable and more importantly, is not a cigar...
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    Cigar Dave's Officers' Club

    Hey folks, Anyone have experience with this particular club? It's 19.95 a month for 3 sticks that are supposedly hard to come by or very new on the market. Sounds fun but I'm always leery. Thanks!
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    Cigar Band Glue

    Hey folks, Some of you are familiar with my cigar band thread so here's an upshot from that whole topic: A lot of you who have printed out some of those bands have used double sided tape and the like. I am wondering about using Envelope Moistener with Adhesive. It's non-toxic, doesn't smell...
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    Cigar Jar?

    Hey folks, I found a large jar amongst my many knick knacks and figured it would make a decent cigar jar. I've never used a jar as a "humidor" before so I was wondering if anyone out there has tried it. Any tips or tricks? Caveats? I attached a small round humidification device to the inside...