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    Cancun, Mexico - La Casa del Habano

    La Casa del Habano Blvd Kukulcan KM 12.7 ZH, Cancun, Q Roo, Mexico Local Phone: 998 840 7000 Toll Free:
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    The Evolution of my part of the Jungle!

    Good evening BOTL and SOTL, Like many here, I have been smoking cigars for several years (about 15 more or less) and once I was turned on to Club Stogie I have increased the number of sticks I smoke and the variety. As my interest grew and I began to make some great friendships here I got...
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    Rhubarb Pie and Dancing girls

    So as I sit here smoking my Taboo Twist, irealized I have been having cravings for Rhubarb Pie and dancing girls... What does this mean? Sklee to all.
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    RyJ 1875 Habana Reserve

    Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve Churchill 1875 On one of the threads where cigars were being collected for the troops I sent in some sticks and was fortunate enough to have won a prize sponsored by N3uka (Dave). He sent me some great sticks including a true vintage. Maybe it is just my...
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    Te Amo - Vintage 99

    I try to do something different when I post, I try to add something new or maybe just a new perspective on an old topic. So here goes - a Mexican CEE-GAR!!! I am running low on sticks so I went to a new smoke shop that opened up down the road from my office. Pretty much what you would...
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    Reviewing the factories on Calle Ocho

    So I’m in Miami for work again and could not resist the urge to head over to the Gloria de la Cubana and Pepin factories again. As usual my credit card comes out smoldering. I always just head back to the hotel but there are lots and lots of little cigar shops on Calle Ocho so I decided to...
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    Nub Conneticut

    Im in Miami for some meetings and after today’s meetings I hit the B&M (Sabor Havana) which is right in front of the hotel and light up a Padron Aniversario and start talking to some of the guys in there on their lunch break. We talk about our favorite sticks and work and one of the guys...
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    Oliva Series V from n3uka

    Good evening all, I won this stick in the Sticks for the Troops contest generously sponsored by Dave - thank you again Dave! I will split this into two entries as I havent taken the time to learn how to place several photos within the entry instead of as attachments. I picked this one as...
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    Pepin's House & La Gloria Cubana

    Good evening to all! I will split this into two entries due to the photos... I was lucky enough to have a few hours between flights in Miami and have heard so much about Pepin and his great cigars so I had to see for myself. So I get the rental car, light up my Taboo Twist and am on my...
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    SW 8th St HELP!

    Afternoon to all! I'm changing planes in Miami en route to the Caribbean for work and will have a few hours to tool around. I want to hit SW 8th St and pick up a nice variety but am not too familiar with the Pepins. Due to my traveling I can only take along 25 sticks - what should I pick up...
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    Taboo Cigars - about to order more!!

    Good evening to all! I wanted to share a little with you all regarding the good folks over at Taboo. I ordered some 20 cigars from Rob a few weeks ago and they arrived here to Mexico and my first impression was - man this is a cigar! I won't bore everyone with my impressions but all I can say...
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    Alternatives to RP

    Happy Festivus and Merry Christmas to all! I'm looking for some help, I feel like I'm in a rut! I really like RPs especially the '92 and have gone through a good number of 92s, 90s, the Coneticuts (which have been a nice change of pace), the REOs (so-so) and the Olde Worlds which I really like...