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    How to freeze cigars?

    These pics truly can make a grown man cry.....HOLY SH8T!
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    Uh Oh...Beetles in Sabor Cubano

    Great Pics! I hope you enjoyed smoking that bastard :ss
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    Happy bday!

    Happy bday!
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    Vinotemp Power Outage Question

    I have the occasional power outage at my home during a storm etc, but unfortunately my neighborhood's power also seems to go off for a few minutes about once a week. After a power outage when the Vino comes back on it defaults to it's coldest setting at 54 degrees (instead of the more cigar...
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    Vinotemp non stop humming ?

    I have read the manual inside and out & unfortunately its gives no info on the fans or lights. I apologize for not being clear earlier, since there are multiple fans in the unit. The fan inside the front door on the back wall is always on in both units. In the orig unit when the green...
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    Vinotemp non stop humming ?

    hello again I took off the back and tightened all of the screws to see if that made a difference, and unfortunately the humming continued (it is also on carpet and away from the wall). Anyway, I decided to purchase a 2nd unit so I could check if the orig. was a bad one. I plugged in the...
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    Vinotemp non stop humming ?

    Just want to verify that all Vinotemp 28's make a humming sound 24 hours a day. I have it located in my loft and still can hear the humming downstairs when the tv is turned off. Is this something everyone just lives with (gets used to) or is mine louder then normal? If anyone has any hints to...
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    Vinotemp 28 bottle on sale @ Target $149.00

    WTF did I just do......... $149 (-10% new card discount) total after tax $143.82 I had no plans on purchasing a Vinotemp, but somehow you guys talked me into it. Now I need to buy more beads & drawers/trays....... what a slippppppppery slope! :ss
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    My experience with lighters while on vacation.

    Can anyone provide a photo of the Ronson lighter, just curious what the worlds best $3 lighter looks like? THANKS! :ss
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    Buffalo Wings

    Barley's Smokehouse in Columbus, OH :chk I am craving these as I type. (Quaker Steak & Lube are also tasty)