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    New Orleans - Mayan Import Co.

    Mayan Import Co. 3000 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 504-269-9000 Hours: 10am-8pm/ 7 days a week The most comprehensive cigar retailer in NOLA with a nice lounge, free wireless internet, outdoor seating, and good prices.
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    Chateau Real Cristales Delux

    A generous BOTL and Drew Estate employee recently sent me a few samples after reading some negative comments I made regarding their Natural line. I smoked the first of the four cigars he sent me two evenings ago and have reviewed it below. This cigar rested in my humi about two weeks after an...
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    Air purifieing CFLs?

    Kind of curious as to whether anybody has tried these odor eliminating compact flourescents. They look promising and really aren't that expensive. I wonder how efficient they would be at getting rid of cigar odors? Has anyone tried them?
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    Gurkha Legend Torpedo

    Smoked a Gurkha Legend tonight and was pretty disappointed. And to think, this thing costs as much as three Boli PCs! Thought I would throw out a review to share my experiences. This is the second of these I have smoked and the review holds true for both. General Background: Purchased a 10 pack...
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    Figurado Reserve

    Anybody tried the Figurado Reserve line by Alec Bradley? The price is quite attractive and mdcigars has a nice sale on them but I can't seem to find any reviews here or on top25.
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    Pirate's Gold Honduran

    I had a weak moment on and purchased a twenty count bundle of Pirate’s Gold, Honduran version which are apparently no longer in production. Expected these to be a moocher hand-out but was pleasantly surprised. Based on this first cigar, I would strongly recommend this cigar as a...
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    Gispert Natural Churchill

    I’ve found that I have been recommending this cigar fairly frequently to those looking for a starter cigar or a cigar to share with non-smokers and thought it would be worthwhile to contribute a review. I think some experienced smokers will be pleasantly surprised by this cigar as well, I still...
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    Gurkha Class Regent Toro

    Well, I decided it was time to try my hand at reviewing so here we go. Please feel free to let me know if there is anything that I should add to my reviews or any way to improve them in general. This format is adapted from my cigar dossier, just added a few details such as punctuation, threw in...
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    I think I'm in love...

    Despite having avoided most of my local B&Ms because of high prices and a lack of any sort of lounge, I've finally found one that will put an end to all my internet purchases. It's called the Mayan Trading Company and is located in an old orphanage that has been mostly converted to luxury...
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    Odd Inconsistency???

    I was just digging through my humidor looking for a late night treat and noticed something a bit odd. I have two Perdomo Estate Seleccion Imperios that are very obviously box-pressed and one that is so slightly pressed that I first thought it was not until I noticed that the foot was slightly...
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    Combating High Humidity

    I have been smoking cigars for a couple years but just recently bought a humidor and started buying in quantity. The past couple weeks I have noticed that the RH in my humidor has been around 70-72% without a credo having been in the box for about a month. Short of a wine cooler, what is the...