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    Illusione Confusion

    I have been very confused trying to figure out all the Illusione vitolas. So I made a list to keep track of all of them. I believe this is the latest correct list (feel free to edit as appropriate): 1 9.25 x 48 M7 6.5 x 58 23 Culebra 888 6.75 x 48 eccj 5.625 x 46 hl 7.5 x 40 f9 6.25 x 44 2...
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    A New Way To Lose A Smoke

    So here's the scene--I light up his R & J Dominican Churchill from a newbie trade for my morning smoke. I take chow chow for his morning two mile walk. Next up--blackberries. We had a ton of rain this year so the wild blackberry bushes in the woods are growing like crazy. Some of them are...
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    5 Vegas Miami--Nine Month Update

    I really was not impressed by the first couple I tried last year so I hid them away. The pepper was "in your face" and the burn was uneven. In the last week I have pulled one robusto and a churchill. Nine months has been good to them, and it looks like more aging will be even better. All burn...