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  1. J

    Yes!!! I Did It!

    Got my girlfriend to smoke a cigar with me!! THE BEST PART ------- She likes them! I bought her a little humidor and a bunch of cigars... Victory is mine!
  2. J

    Dirty Yardgar

    Ok, on a trip to my local B&M today - i was searching for some smokes i had yet to try, and being from CT, i thought (what the hell) i should try some local blends. Well this one absolutely horrendous smelling beast is something i picked up for $1. It looks filthy, and it is smelling up my bedroom.
  3. J

    Building My Own Humi

    What problems could arise from say, buying this piece of furniture: And lining it with Spanish Cedar, to get the same effect as a humidor?
  4. J

    Its mothers day, dont forget to...

    Don't forget to BOMB YOUR MOM! :tu
  5. J

    CAO CI Deal Whatchya guys think about this puppy? Got an email this morning about it. :tu edit: i know a lot of guys like these too :D
  6. J

    Professor Sila and CI Legends Anyone?

    I just peeked in my new CI catalog and saw this brand called Professor Sila. It is being marketed as 'Supremely Mild.' Just wondering if anyone has tried them out? AND Another thing piqued my curiosity. The Legends Series. Any...
  7. J

    How do you deal with the girlfriend/wife when she tells you she hates cigars!

    Yea, basically my girlfriend absolutely loathes the fact that i smoke cigars, although i find it to be an incredibly soothing and enjoyable hobby. Obviously many of you have similar problems -- just wondering what you say to get them off your back a little bit and get them to be more accepting...