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    My friend talks about it all the time where your not really inhaling the cigar but you are still able to blow the smoke out of your nose. Apparently he says it enhances the flavors of the cigar. I have done it and I haven't notice any difference either way. What do you guys think??
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    Romeo Y Julieta Belicoso

    Well I needed to do something tonight so I was bored and decided to pull this one from my humi. It smelled good and so I thought what the heck. Pre-lit draw seemed pretty good. The flavors were alright. Kind of mild for my taste. It was a cigar and as I mentioned before I was bored. I was...
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    Partagas Spanish Rosado San Agustin

    I just had this cigar after a couple of months in my humi. At first when I lit it, it seemed to be just another cigar. The spice kicked in and the flavors came right out. Absolutely delicious! It burned really well. After the first ash I had to touch up but after that it burned perfectly...
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    Cohiba Dominican Red Dot Churchill

    Origin: Dominican Republic Length: 7.00 Ring: 49 Strength: Mild-Medium Wrapper Color: Medium Brown (E) Wrapper Type...
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    Man O' War

    I just recently purchased 2 Man O' War cigars from One was a 6.1x54 torpedo and the other was a 7.5x52 double corona. I have had the torpedo and it was a very good smoke. It had a very sweet taste to it that I could not figure out what it was. Has anybody else had this cigar and...