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  1. J

    Some good vibes for Shilala

    Sending some good vibes your way, hope everything works out.
  2. J

    back to school...

    I start on Sept. 2nd - hopefully i'll get a couple more in before then :D
  3. J

    yes! i got the box, thanks a ton rob -- :D everything arrived in perfect condition!

    yes! i got the box, thanks a ton rob -- :D everything arrived in perfect condition!
  4. J

    Yes!!! I Did It!

    Got my girlfriend to smoke a cigar with me!! THE BEST PART ------- She likes them! I bought her a little humidor and a bunch of cigars... Victory is mine!
  5. J

    Sampler Suggestions?

    Great starter selection! Best of luck.
  6. J

    Anyone have $388,888.00?

    the things i would do to get that humi. :r
  7. J


    I am sure if you post a thread, someone would be more than willing to work out a shipping deal with you, i.e. they receive it -then ship it to you. OR, you can call rob directly, or PM him, and see if he is willing to work something out. More likely than not there are other international...
  8. J

    Home Rebuilt Humidor

    nice! Yeah, PM Shilala - he has the bead hookups. or checkout for the puck. or heartfeltindustries.
  9. J

    They charge what?

    well it better be the best cigar you've ever had for $56 a pop.
  10. J

    ***your New General***

    best of luck dan, seen you do some good stuff- have fun rallyin the troops :D
  11. J

    Cigar Misconceptions

    so how do you tell?
  12. J

    Mods, please delete my account

    what happened here exactly?
  13. J

    Newbie buying a cutter needs advise.

    palio my man...not to mention its sexy.
  14. J

    Tomato Salad

    i am going to chime in for fruit. but that does look awesome.
  15. J

    Leaving boxes open in cabinet humi?

    word. i have been trying to find the cheapest/best place for single purchases.
  16. J

    Who Have You Herfed With???

    I've never herfed!! OH NO! :mad: But that is an impressive list!
  17. J

    Chatting by the Campfire with SilverFox

    enjoy that time off from work! and the stogies! edit: i need to get a blackberry :D
  18. J

    everybody asks...

    may be easier to specify a favorite brand - although i dont have one, its often easier to spit out a brand than a particular vitola.