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    Ring Gauge Guide

    Go to they have a ring gauge you can print out.
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    Need help finding a lighter

    You beat me to it. Now I will have to wait for another newbie.
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    Jetlite - What Am I Doing Wrong?

    I had the same thing happpen to me. I corrected it by turning the flame adjustment screw all the way down. Then it works fine, even with Ronson fuel in it.
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    Distilled Water

    How can you tell if your distilled water has gone bad?
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    Ronson Jet something

    IMHO they are one of the best cheap(as in price) lighters out there. I works like a charm everytime I reach for it.
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    BOURBON questions & comments

    It is very good ,better than Wild Turkey 101 which I usually drink along with a few others. The price is a real good deal too.
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    Ronson JetLight

    I went to my local Wally World and bought the last five they had on the shelf for $2.94 a piece. Now I can afford to lose one now and then.
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    To screw or not to screw ... he he

    Just put them in as they are. They came from the factory that way and that is good enough for me.
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    Drying Heartfelt beads

    Put them on a cookie and use a hair dryer to dry them, then watch them fly everywhere:r:r Seriously put them in a oven on low heat. If you keep them in the bag, you can use a hair dyer.
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    Mold or Plume

    Just admit Poon, it's plume!!:chk:chk
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    Lighter or Matches

    I use whatever is at hand.
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    Punch London Club

    They are a great short smoke to have in your Humi.
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    Remedy for leaky Humi?

    Beeswax works wonders on leaky humis, just put some around the mating surfaces of the lid.
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    Using a rub

    Also remember when you take the steak off the grill to cover it with alumium foil, and let it rest for about 10 minutes. This is so the juices get asorbed by the meat and don't run al over your plate when you cut into them.
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    Do you keep an inventory of your cigars?

    If I have to keep a spreadsheet on what I bought and what I smoke, it turns into a job and not a Passion I enjoy. Half the fun is reaching into the humi and grabbing a stick to smoke thinking of nothing else. I guess I try to keep things simple.
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    Butter Beans! Simple and tasty

    The dried butter beans are even better than the canned ones. Put them in a pot of water and cook them for a couple of hours with some Ham hocks and onions and you have a wonderful meal. Don't forget the cornbread on the side.
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    So F-ing Angry.humidor Ruined

    When they finally get around to doing {B}, they look at you and say why didn't you tell before and make me do it. Been there done that.
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    This discussion has been around a long time. For the record I take the cellophane off my cigars before I smoke them.
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    Cracked Wrapper

    I use pectin and a peice of wrapper from a donor cigar to repair a cracked wrapper.
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    I am humbled...

    I bet the postman rang the doorbell and ran when he delivered this load. Wait till tommorrow and he has to do it again.:r