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    Citronella candle

    Melody (my fiancée) and I have been enjoying the beautiful evenings on the porch, occasionally with movies on the laptop. The only problem is the mosquito population of my backyard, which seem to all find us. Solution? Citronella candle. We've always used the citronella candle to keep bugs...
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    Cigar Pictures 101

    CS loves pictures, but it seems like every day we get some examples of the following: I'm no professional photographer, and all my pictures come from a $100 camera I got 2-3 years ago at Best Buy (Panasonic DMC-LZ3). There are a few quick, simple ways to ensure great cigar pictures. First...
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    Growing process and flavors

    I'm in an alcoholic beverage survey class that covers wines, beers, and distilled spirits. We're currently studying French wines, and had a gentleman by the name of Beat Katoun (regional manager for Kobrand Corp) give a very interesting lecture on the production of French wines. He spent a lot...
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    Strange name

    I went to a friend's college graduation last Saturday, and was surprised to find the following: If the Trinidad Reyes wasn't such a new vitola, I'd wonder about that kid's parents, and kinda want to meet them :D
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    Las Vegas trip - Casa Fuente, Napoleon's, etc.

    I got back from Las Vegas yesterday - I was there since Wednesday. I didn't get to smoke as much as I'd planned, but had a great time nonetheless. I took in all the casinos on the strip (of course), Fremont street, Hoover dam, and hiked Red Rocks Canyon. July in Vegas is hot - 100+ every day...
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    Big List of Non-Cuban Brands/Lines

    1861 1876 Reserve 5 Vegas 5 Vegas Cask Strength 5 Vegas Gold 5 Vegas Limitada 5 Vegas Miami 5 Vegas Series A 601 Black Label 601 Blue Label 601 Green Label 601 Red Label 826 Slow Aged 898 Collection A. Turrent Acid (Drew Estate) Acid 5 Adduci Al-Capone Alameda Alcazar Alec Bradley MAXX Alec...
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    Roasted stuffed whole chicken

    I'm roasting my first whole chicken tonight - just realized how cheap these birds are. I got a 58oz bird w/o neck and innards for $3.20. I stuffed him with spicy italian sausage, green peppers, mozzarella cheese, spinach, artichoke hearts and olives. Can't wait to see how it turns out - he...
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    How to avoid buying fakes

    "Price point: Often the most telltale sign. If the price is too good to be true, it usually is. Do yourself a favor and check the price against the original manufacturer's recommended retail price on its Web site or that of an authorized dealer. Deep discounts are a huge tip-off that you may...
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    Morning Cigar Wrapper Preference

    What wrapper do you prefer on your morning cigar?
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    Although this is not NEARLY as important as a lot of the other things in this subforum (illness, death, job changes, etc.)... I have a major trombone recital tonight at 8:00 and would appreciate any extra thoughts and prayers you might have. Thanks!
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    IMPORTANT: Please Take Note

    The Club Stogie Troop Supporters have been running a raffle since February 17th to send cigars to the troops. Rules for the raffle can be found here. Those rules stipulate that for the raffle to take place we need to have 500 entries (2500 cigars). As of this post, there have been 340 tickets...
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    +1 for Thompsons!

    I hate their guts - they kept sending me catalogs so I went through their online Customer Service system to request that they stop sending me catalogs. The response - "Thank you for contacting Thompson's Cigars. We have removed you from our catalog mailing list. If there's any more assistance...
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    REMINDER: Priority mail info

    As information for those who don't know, or a reminder for those who do: A) Boxes for shipping Priority Mail are FREE. If you're shipping Priority Mail, DON'T buy the ReadyShip boxes they charge you an arm and a leg for. If you're lazy, you can even have Priority Mail boxes delivered to your...
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    Cabaiguan Robustos Extra

    This cigar was gifted to me by Trogdor | The Burninator a while back, and I'm just getting around to smoking it now. I realize this is heresy, but I haven't been crazy about the few Pepin smokes I've had before (blue and JJ). The first few puffs of this one were pretty bad, but it quickly...
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    Congrats to mmblz and zemekone!

    Congrats to our two newest mods! :bl:bl:bl:bl:bl
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    Ottoman Coolerdor

    No, this is not a discussion of the empire between 1299 and 1922, this is my sweet-looking coolerdor. My fiance decided to dress up my cooler and make it multi-functional all at once. Check it out:
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    Economic Stimulus Package idea

    I think we should all take our $600... And buy Cuban cigars. :D:D:D:D:D That'll show 'em.
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    The word is "Hygrometer" (with a G :tu) not "Hydrometer" (with a D :mad:).
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    Lawrence - Centro Cigars

    Centro Cigars 1520 Wakarusa Dr. Suite E Lawrence, KS 66047 (785) 856-7773 M-F 10a-9p Sa 10a-6p Su 12p-5p Centro has a fairly small walk-in with a decent selection and average prices. In the back is a very nice private club, although membership fees are exorbitant...
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    Perdomo Lot 23 Robusto deal

    Saw these on - $64.95 shipped. That's a great deal.