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    Fuente 858 Maduro

    Awesome pre light flavor of cocoa and spice. Easy pre light draw. Great feel. 1st 1/3 - Great flavor from the start. Sweet spice and chocolate with subtle earthy note. Nice aroma. Beautiful, solid white ash. Just a bit of musty grass flavor in the first third of this one which surprises me. It...
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    Interesting tidbit from the online payment people

    I just got this reply today from those whose name we shall not mention....P**P**, ring any bells? Hello, my name is Michael and I am happy to assist you with your question regarding your P**P** account. You will be able to use your P**P** debit card/Secure card to purchase tobacco products...
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    Gran Habano Corojo #5

    Well constructed, beautiful corojo wrapper, nice presentation w/ ornate dual bands. Pre light draw was near perfect, just a bit on the lose side. 1st 1/3 powerful stick right off the start. Leather and coffee dominate the first inch. Slightly acidic flavor shows up an inch in and the draw went...
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    AF Don Carlos #4

    Nice pre light look and aroma. Great draw and burn. First 1/3 was very woody(oak and slight cedar) and a little cinnamon showed up. Second 1/3 wood tamed down a little and more cinnamon showed along with almond. Last 1/3 remained tasty with Toast, Almond, Cinnamon and Oak being the main...
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    LaFlor Dominica on Cigarmonster(01/16/08)

    Good deal today fellas........ I'm still keeping the spreadsheet up as well as I can here I try to update it every morning this time.
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    Like the barber poles?

    Rocky has gone nutty with this creation! Imay have to grab a few just so I can see 'em in person.
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    Graycliff Espresso Robusto

    I actually had this stick yesterday thanks to another great BoTL. You know who you are, and thank you again!:tu Sorry for the lack of pics, but the camera fogged up when I took it out in the 35-40 degree temps. My tasting notes: What appears to be a nice triple cap, Great pre-light aroma and...
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    My new Addition

    Well, I did it! I went to Sams Club and picked up this lil beauty...... It needs a little work and some stuffing. Looks kinda bare right now. Notice the slots in the interior. Perfect for cedar shelves. I passed on the 120qt. at WalMart just for that reason and spent the day in search...
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    120 Qt Igloo thoughts

    I'm looking at pulling the trigger on a coolidor as a temporary fix until we are in the new house.(Once there it is Aristocrat time!!!) Anyone have any thoughts on this cooler? Anyone own one and have input on it?
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    Decent Partagas Black deal......

    Just got an email from tinderbox (which I usually ignore) but this one may get me to bite!
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    Attn: Gurkha Hoes...

    Somebody buy this lot before I do...
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    Partagas Black Labels on sale...

    FYI, cigarmonster special today..... I ordered mine up already. I usually don't go for the lil cigars but these will make a good, quick smoke.:ss