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    Cracked it open tonite, I think I've died and gone to heaven :dr:dr Steve.....many Thanks, and Thanks to your rum mule too:tu:tu
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    6 More Weeks at home!

    Well, I can't go back to work for 6 more weeks due to these stones, and I'm bored out of my mind!! Some of you know what happens when I get bored :r:mn
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    Update...old Sailor

    UPDATE........after waiting in ER for 5 hours, they flooded me with 2 IV'S, took blood and hoping I'll pass the stones. Also have to make appointment with a urologist for scope work:hnso I'm back for now. Thanks for the kind words all. OH YA THE SCOPE WORK IS CALLED AN ENDA...
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    Possible Hospital Stay.

    Well, it look like what ever is my problem....kidney stones that are stuck somewhere or something else causing my pain and problem, will probably require a short stay in the hospital. I'm heading there tomorrow, so if you don't see me on for abit, that is why. I'll try and have Gail post my...
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    A Great Visit

    Mike aka Shaggy dropped down to my ship earlier this evening for a visit. It was great seeing ya Mike, too bad Nick was a no show. Mike got the grand tour and we sat and discussed things, but I'm sorry ta say, Mike has been sworn to secret now that he has seen my bomb building bunker.:r Thank's...
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    Who on here is John Holland, got a pkg today with no letter????:confused:
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    Good Karma for Gail.

    My wife, Gail goes in for 4 hr. surgury on Monday, it's nothing serious or sudden, just something that has to be done at her age. Gonna be a long day Monday, and even longer 2 months of her off work with no pay.
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    Another Humi

    Just placed my order from Mark @ cigarmony for another humi...the Cordoba...200 count. Need more room for my special cigars...ISOM's as my little 50 count I keep them in will be full so I hope.:ss:ss Wife will kill me:r:r
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    B&M Haul!!

    Hit smoker's lastnight before herfing in the D with Booker and the gang. Couldn't pass these up!!!:dr:dr
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    Booker Came to Canada

    Thats right folks.....Booker invaded Canada today, dropped off a pkg for me and a bottle of 6 grapes port. Met up with him in Windsor and had lunch, chewed the fat abit, and then he was on his way back home......of course he didn't leave empty handed, gifted him 3 special gerbils. Gotta take...
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    I slide down the SLOPE

    This is what happens when you have too much time on your hands.:r
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    Prayers for my Nephew

    Got word my nephew passed away this morning....suddenly. Please pray for the family.
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    Taking Orders - Ice

    Back onshift Wed. breaking ice, anyone want some. There's lots out here and it's gotta go somewhere.:r
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    Where's Uwhoo

    Anyone know where Uwhoo is, seems to be mia......hope everything is ok?
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    Detroit Herf

    The wife and I attended another Detroit Herf by Booker. I must say, it was another fine get-to-gether, a few of us meet at Smokers Outlet for some purchases:D and then headed down to the Rhino Cigar Bar. In attendance where: Old Sailor & Gail; Booker; Chip; Dirty Dee; Mark THS & Ryan; JPH &...
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    Calling All Canadian BOTL

    Okay brothers, Booker ( DetroitPHA357) is planning another Detroit herf in Feb. check it out in the everything but cigars thread. Let's see how many we can get to show up....:ss
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    My Humi Construction

    As I mentioned earlier, I am building a humi at work. The wood has been glued together, and here are 2 pics of the PurpleHeart wood inlay on the lid which is 2 tone Black Walnut....more pics as I progress further.
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    Anejo's #48's

    Did a buy with 4wheelvfr, today I got 5 Anejo #48's, mmmmm, gonna let them rest till I get back. Sorry, no porn as my camera is packed, :hn
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    Here I Go Again

    Off to work again Wed. we have a saying on the ship...27 Mondays, 1 Friday, then one BIGA**ED WEEKEND:r If we are at a base, I'll have internet, but it will be slowww.:hn
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    Mnr Book

    I finally found a place to get this book. My order from the MNR Group buy got lost in the mail, and they wouldn't ship a replacement, got a refund eventually. So, after much searching, found an online retailer who had them instock. Ordered Saturday, got it today....Happy Day..:D