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    Taboo scammed me... WTF

    I have known about his sneaky tactics for quite a while... but i did not do this. I am well aware anyone can do this at anytime so why would i take the time to upload pictures from my camera to photobooth then make this huge deal out of it??? besides... smoking a metal paperclip?:pu:pu. I can...
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    "Don't worry honey, I'm just going to buy a few cigars a month..."

    hmm this man might have just hit the jackpot for all of us!!!!! HIDE YOUR CIGARS BEHIND THE WINE!!!! ITS BRILLIANT!! give this man a gold star or the nobel peace prize or something!
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    New Orleans Cigar Factory

    read some stickies about humidors and cigars and stuff... stickies are VERY helpful. Welcome to the forums.
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    thanks for the bump brother!

    thanks for the bump brother!
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    "Don't worry honey, I'm just going to buy a few cigars a month..."

    BAHAHAHAHAHHAH i read the title and KNEW this was gonna be hilarious! Nice work!
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    Taboo scammed me... WTF

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    Slope? What Slope?

    my slope tends to come and go... went from a 20ct humi to a 300ct humi to being bombed a vino to a 3 month break to 450 dollars worth of cigars and another 300 planned by monday.... yea... and to think i've only been into cigars since Dec of 07 :hn.
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    thanks for the rg bump!

    thanks for the rg bump!
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    the for the rg bump!

    the for the rg bump!
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    thx for the bump!

    thx for the bump!
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    Taboo scammed me... WTF

    just to note. NOTHING was shoved into the cigar or wrapped around it to make it hold the ash. Just an insane cigar from Taboo is all.
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    Taboo scammed me... WTF

    This thread... is proof that Taboo is a scam and Rob made cigars that are not REAL cigars. I am definitely not happy to the point where i am willing to share this proof with everyone on this forum. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: Take a look for yourselves as the pictures do all the explaining...
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    I finally found a cigar I LOVE...

    My pallet has done the same. It went from loving mild smokes to nothing but full bodied to certain mild and almost everything and anything full bodied to me only buying certain smokes. I am very picky now with my smokes and find myself looking for good deals on only those certain ones and flying...
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    Help me identify these DPG

    *cha-ching!* insanely generous score!!!! may i ask who this vendor is? :r... i'd put my money on Rob from Taboo. I'm assuming you are still getting your Black Labels?
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    Ashton (esg) churchhill & gof churchhill [pic]

    the ESG is a really nice smoke. But for its MRSP i'd rather buy a Davidoff or 2 or 3 smokes instead of the 1. I've smoked 2 on two different special occasions and both were fanstasmic! Great smokes none the less! and those GoF's... nice pick up :dr:dr
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    CigarBid Fun Fact?

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    Of the Opus X

    actually i believe its proven that 60% of the time made up statistics work..... everytime. :chk:D
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    bottled water instead of distilled water?

    First off, i ALWAYS use straight up distilled water from the super market but i am currently out. 2nd off. My beads are starting to look a little dry and im currently at about 63%RH, i can't sleep and im extremely bored. I've played vino-tetris a few times tonight and now i have this huge...
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    HELP!!! poll: vinotemp, humidor or other??? what should i buy next?

    I started with a little 20ct humidor. Next thing i know its overflowing and im using tup-o-ware that i stole from my mom for overflow. So i shop around till i find my PERFECT 300ct glass top humidor. Love the thing to death and still do. That gets full and move more overflow into what i thought...